Mar 032018
2018-03-03  How the anti-vaccine lobby is influencing the Texas state primaries,  CBC Day 6.  Worst "journalism" I've heard on CBC.

Well, if you’d like a perfect example of “not journalism“, here it is.   CBC, Day 6.  The (guest) interviewer is Rachel Giese. The episode is dated Feb 28.   I heard it today,  Mar 3.  I assume it’s been aired twice. I used the on-line contact form (  to submit: I have never heard a worse […]

Feb 272018
2018-02-14  Related Epidemics? Teen Mental Health Crisis & Neurodevelopmental Disorders, World Mercury Project

With many thanks to Terry H.   And to the people at the World Mercury Project.  A good article. By the World Mercury Project Team URL It has never been easy to be an adolescent, but by the look of things, twenty-first century teenagers may be having a harder time than ever. One contributing factor—the […]

Feb 232018

Exemptions   MANY thanks to Angela B and Janet M for setting me straight.  What a disservice I’ve done, assuming that “mandatory vaccinations” means “mandatory by law”.   I learned that lesson before – – from StatsCan and the Census!  Sheesh!   I should have known.   It’s the Orwellian thing.  Words no longer mean what they mean: […]

Feb 222018

A father (and mother) from Wetaskwin, AB were very angry when their son was vaccinated for HPV without parental consent. Question re legislated mandatory vaccination schedules or the child cannot attend school (California, some other US states, Ontario, Alberta, add New Brunswick (?)): are parents still required to sign a parental consent form, or does […]

Feb 222018

Brought to awareness by the outraged father from Wetaskwin AB, I was incredulous that this School Division in Alberta is vaccinating for HPV, given what is known. (The School Division is also uncomfortably close to two of my nephews and their families.) I wrote the Board of the School Division: = = = = = […]

Feb 212018

From Vaccines Revealed: Dr. Brian Hooker is at the forefront of the vaccine debate. Which makes perfect sense, since his 18 year old Autistic son was severely affected by infant vaccinations. Over the years, Dr. Hooker’s intensive work into exposing the massive amount of fraud and deception in this highly secretive area has reached the […]

Feb 172018
2018-02-14  Vaccinations:  Over 5,000 elementary school kids suspended in Toronto for out-of-date immunization records.  This, in a province that legislated mandatory (not really mandatory) vaccinations.

Appended,  a URL list of similar reports (suspensions, or threats to suspend), with thanks to Janet M.  The reports are over “IMMUNIZATION RECORDS“. The term “MANDATORY VACCINATIONS” is uniformly not used in these reports.   (It may be that the wording has been carefully chosen to avoid the controversy. . . .  WRONG, Sandra!  see the […]

Feb 072018

APPENDED:  background on the Tamiflu vaccine and Rumsfeld’s connection to it. Sometimes I don’t want to circulate information like the following:  we know the theme.   More detail seems like unnecessary repetition. Boot myself!  I don’t think we CAN stop.   It is dangerous NOT to arm people, when we’re talking Big Pharma.  Earlier postings document the […]