Feb 192019

Return to INDEX David writes: Below is an email I just sent to Lois Eaton on a recently published poll in the US. I thought the poll results relate directly to her presentations (on climate change) at our local councils. I think the implications for blocking water export are clear. People–even those on the right side […]

Feb 132019
2019-01-30  The Timber West trial,  TheTyee.ca .  Sappers.  Role of Pension funds in corruption. And of contributions to political parties.

Rich Coleman Fighting Order to Testify in TimberWest Trial Legislature ‘technically’ in session, so ex-minister can ignore subpoena, lawyer argues. By Andrew MacLeod  Excerpts: TimberWest’s donations to the BC Liberals included $44,685 in 2007, $14,738 in 2008 and $60,988 in 2009. . . . TimberWest was eventually sold to two funds that manage pension money for […]

Feb 082019

Return to INDEX apluc response Larry Barr                                                                                                             Feb. 1, 2019 Acting Regional Executive Director West Coast Natural Resource Region Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development   Mr. Barr;   Re: French Creek Watershed Protection.   Thank you for your letter of Dec. 27, 2018 in response to our letter Dec. 6th, […]

Feb 082019
2018-2019  On-line Petition (Change.org)  STOP water bottlers from taking up to 9 million litres per year from aquifer.  New Zealand.  Chinese-owned Cloud Ocean Water

Return to INDEX https://www.change.org/p/stop-belfast-water-bottling Genevieve Robinson started this petition to Prime Minister’s Office Jacinda Adern PM Cloud Ocean Water has bought land for a proposed second bottling plant, close to its current operations in Belfast. The China-owned company could be eyeing up billions more litres of water from beneath Christchurch to bottle and sell overseas […]

Feb 062019

Return to INDEX Excellent letter!  A request to support the Strathcona Resolution Offered for use as a Template. AVICC-Qualicum Many thanks to Julie: Here is the letter that has gone out to QB, Parksville council and the RDN (Regional District Nanaimo) board. If it can be passed onto other jurisdictions encouraging their local government to […]

Feb 052019
2019-02-04   Federal Court overturns controversial salmon farm policy,  StarMetro Vancouver

By Wanyee Li StarMetro Vancouver Ainslie Cruickshank StarMetro Vancouver VANCOUVER—The Federal Court has quashed a controversial Fisheries and Oceans Canada policy that allowed fish farms to transfer young salmon into open-net pens without first testing them for a contagious virus that could pose a threat to B.C.’s iconic wild salmon. In a 199-page decision released […]

Feb 022019

Return to INDEX This article from the U.S. offers insights . . .  said federal and state restrictions on water resources “are painting us into a corner. They call for smart growth and then we can’t build around towns because of inadequate facilities.”  And finding more water is becoming increasingly difficult. . . . “We […]

Feb 022019

Return to INDEX WATER Local action on the protection of water is catapulting right across Canada. One woman, Brenda Leigh, Director on the Strathcona Regional District in B.C., is the sweat behind the “STRATHCONA RESOLUTION” re the taking of groundwater for export.  In one word:  CEASE! Brenda does not need a “go-fund-me”.  She needs us […]

Feb 012019

Return to INDEX RELATED: 2007-03-14 Water: valuable & important document, Rosenberg Report Below might explain why today,  Agri-Food Canada is running a program to further expand the export of water. From a Forum in Banff:   Lessons For Canada, Report 2, Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy, 2007 Scroll down to high-lighted text. I still have […]

Feb 012019

Return to INDEX RELATED: 2007-03-25 Water: Lessons For Canada, Report 2, Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy – – – – – – – – – – – Rosenberg report to the Government of Alberta, February 2007. The Rosenberg International Forum (California) was asked by Alberta Environment to evaluate its “Water for Life” strategy. The […]