Aug 052017

Ladakh is an old Buddhist Kingdom, high in the Himayalas, now a part of India.  The capital city is Leh. It has lessons for us. Series of Youtubes:    (The links work, even if they show as not)   1.  I watched    Ancient Futures, Learning from Ladakh.  You will see pictures of Helena Norberg-Hodge as a […]

Jul 082015

With thanks to Janet Eaton: Richard Heinberg concludes: It  is probably not within the capability of philanthropic foundations to avert all the human impacts that will accompany the end of economic growth, nor the environmental impacts of past growth. Nevertheless, the strategic application of some of society’s accumulated wealth toward solving the problem of systemic adaptation […]

Mar 222015

In summary, Bill C-51 Anti-terrorism / Secret Police is about American hegemony driven by resource depletion, in particular water shortages, in the U.S.A. (RELATED: 2015-03-17 Bill C-51, Elephant in the Room, the U.S.A.). And, If implemented, Bill C-51 merely adds Secret Police Removes the independent arms’ length watchdog role over police behaviour Reduces citizen rights […]

Sep 222014
2014-09-21  Lesson in economic system,  Gail Tverberg.  Resource prices falling in system built on debt.  What does it mean?  Energy supplies and renewables.

Neil writes: If you’ve never read Gail Tverberg, she’s usually a good read and one smart cookie! Her recent blog looks interesting:   (Sandra speaking:   I recommend you go to  Gail’s blog.   The “comments” are also worthwhile.  As usual,  a back-up copy appears below, “just in case”.)   – – – – – – – […]

May 082013

We have been following the situation with the Colorado River for years.   It is the water source for 30 million people;  30% of the American agricultural output (food, fruits and vegetables that Canadians also import) is from fields irrigated by the River.  The Americans will be looking to take water from Canada if (when) the […]

Jan 142013

PAUL EHRLICH  is controversial. He wrote  The Population Bomb  in 1968. Some of his dire predictions have not come to pass. Others argue that it is because of his warnings that the global community made adjustments and delayed the day of reckoning. Ehrlich (below) is joined with other scientists. “More than 3,000 experts concluded humanity […]

Aug 022012

Important video / film: Allison writes on Facebook: pay attention, Canada… this is a sovereignty issue, too. the US has, the US wants & the US has agreed that water ‘is a human right’… which is USian for ‘you’re squatting on what is ours, on our continent’. This shocking investigation into the world’s water […]

Nov 172011
CRITICALLY IMPORTANT EVENT: Five-city tour:  Our water is not for sale. Alternative Water Futures in Alberta - Dec. 5-9.  I will attend.

Please contact me if you are interested in attending.  I am going, most likely to the Calgary or Medicine Hat meeting. In case people do not understand the significance/seriousness, please find an appended list of postings that put water in Canada into context.  There is a looming spectre of environmental refugees from the southwestern U.S.A., […]

May 262011

YEEEAy!  Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and Andrew Nikiforuk  – –  thank-you, thank-you! (Update, June 18, 2011   At the bottom I added the CBC Report on this Wikileaks story (WikiLeaks reveal Alta. power export plans, NDP says). BACKGROUND, PUBLICLY-FUNDED HIGH-POWER TRANSMISSION LINES TO THE U.S. BORDER: Note: –  The article below by Andrew Nikiforuk uncovers  the Alberta connection.   It is […]

Oct 262010

There is good information in the following.  It is from a community-based group of people who share information, organize to prevent bad things from happening, and do solid work on finding a new path forward, for us to follow. An important contribution is to expose manipulative language (propaganda).  Find ways to re-state it, so the […]