Nov 262013

Hi Kimberly, Many thanks for the film Unacceptable Levels.  (Trailer at You address an issue near and dear to my heart. I can tell from the trailer that it covers the bases.  I’m looking forward to viewing the film. You help empower people by presenting the film.  They will help spread the word. For […]

Nov 232013

By JIM ROBBINS ON the first of November, when Mexicans celebrate a holiday called the Day of the Dead, some also celebrate the millions of monarch butterflies that, without fail, fly to the mountainous fir forests of central Mexico on that day. They are believed to be souls of the dead, returned. This year, for or […]

Sep 272013

We unwittingly create our own dilemmas! —–Original Message—– From: Kerry To: Sandra Finley Subject: celiac disease = = = = = = = = = Reply to Kerry I posted to their blog:  RE the statement:  he found no significant differences in gluten levels in wheat from the early part of the 20th century, […]

Sep 232013   Dennis von Arb, near Orange City, Iowa, is concerned about the use of glyphosate on crops. By STEPHANIE STROM   ALTON, Iowa — The puny, yellow corn stalks stand like weary sentries on one boundary of Dennis Von Arb’s field here. On a windy day this spring, his neighbor sprayed glyphosate on his fields, […]

Jun 222013
2013-06-21  FBI Calls Destruction of GMO Sugar Beets in Oregon 'Economic Sabotage' Written By:  Sayer Ji, Founder In a breaking development, the FBI confirms that 1,500 GM Sugar Beet plants were destroyed this month in Oregon, in what they are calling an act of “Economic Sabotage.” When GM pollen blows into a non-GM farmer’s fields and irreversibly contaminates his crop with ‘biopollution,’ who does the law […]

Jun 222013

Click on:   MAM bookmark Jun2013  (copy on card stock, gives 5 per page) ALSO:  please spread the word to people you know in Saskatchewan.  Many thanks! Upcoming MAM meetings in west and southwest as follows: JUNE 23rd                                     Sunday 3:00 pm              LLOYDMINSTER LOCATION:  Louis Family Restaurant 4311-44th Street (on 54th and Highway 16 – […]

Jun 202013

Older but important stories. 5 professionals (below), all doing their jobs, fired because they raised questions about Monsanto’s bovine growth hormone. We followed the shattering attacks on four other scientists: Ignacio Chapela, Tyrone Hayes, John Losey and then Arpad Pusztai who also suffered greatly at the hands of Monsanto.  See 2004-01-11 Biotech critics at risk, San Francisco Chronicle. Scientists […]

Jun 192013

CONTENTS   Marianne Williamson has a strong message for women (#6).  It’s actually what Tami Canal is doing (#1). MAM is March Against Monsanto.   1.       TAMI CANAL, THE FOUNDER OF MAM.  A MOTHER OF YOUNG CHILDREN, FIRST-TIME ACTIVIST. 2.       WHAT DO YOU CALL SOMEONE WHO IS INVOLVED IN MAM?  (a MAMA!) 3.       URBAN AND RURAL […]

Jun 182013

A  local person describes the same process at work in Canada as George Monbiot describes in  Corporate Carve-Up of Africa.   (land and resources in Africa / land and resources in Canada) Canadians should wake up.  And we should share information with friends in Africa. REQUEST:  if anyone knows, or will research to find, the date and how the […]