Oct 182015
2015-10-10  Hundreds of thousands shut down Berlin to protest "Trojan Horse" - - Monsanto's dream trade deal.  The Guardian

The TTIP protest in Berlin this past weekend drew hundreds of thousands. PHOTO: EFE/EPA/KAY NIETFELD http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/oct/10/berlin-anti-ttip-trade-deal-rally-hundreds-thousands-protesters#_=_ Hundreds of thousands of people marched in Berlin on Saturday to oppose a planned free trade deal between the European Union and the United States that is claimed to be anti-democratic and to threaten food safety and environmental standards. […]

Oct 162015

By Jason Warick   The University of Saskatchewan logo can be seen in this StarPhoenix file photo Photograph by: Greg Pender , the StarPhoenix   A University of Saskatchewan professor is one of several prominent North American academics under fire for undeclared connections to agri-business giant Monsanto. At Monsanto’s request, the scientists wrote papers supporting […]

Jun 142015

In the U.S.,  the already-released genetically-modified insects (mosquitoes in 2013, moths in 2014/15) : 1.    The release was done outside a regulatory system (no consultations), and citizens responded:   Genetically modified mosquitoes set off uproar in Florida Keys 2.    The regulatory system was circumvented.  Scroll down to the report  GM Moths Field Release … Aside:  I view […]

Jun 132015
2013-11-09  Genetically modified mosquitoes (Oxitec) set off uproar in Florida Keys,  America Al Jazeera

Health Potential solution to outbreaks of dengue fever, other mosquito-borne diseases awaits FDA approval November 9, 2013 8:00AM ET by Patricia Sagastume @PatSagastume  <img src=”/content/ajam/articles/2013/11/9/genetically-modifiedmosquitoessetoffuproarinfloridakeys/_jcr_content/mainpar/adaptiveimage/src.adapt.480.low.gmo_mosquito_110713.jpg” alt=”Oxitec's dye-marked Oxi513A male mosquitoes ready for release in Brazil.” class=””> Oxitec’s dye-marked Oxi513A male mosquitoes ready for release in Brazil. Courtesy Oxitec Ltd. KEY WEST, Fla. — In late […]

Jun 132015

NOTE:  “screen capture” of Oxitec’s  “Team”  (March 26, 2017)   is at bottom.   It’s a marriage made-in-heaven for the biotech industry (biotech big Pharma AND biotech Agriculture).   http://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/snapshot.asp?privcapId=22757167 Company Overview Oxitec Ltd. operates as a biotechnology company that provides solutions for controlling insects that spread diseases and damage crops. It offers Aedes aegypti OX513A, a bisex […]

Apr 262015
2015-04-20  GMO:  Neil Young, anti-Monsanto album and tour with Willie Nelson's two sons

Note: the tour includes a location near Orillia ON. Saturday, May 23rd is the next international March Against Monsanto.  A list of the Canadian events and links to other information  is at http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=9497 Back to Neil Young: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/neil-young-recording-new-album-with-willie-nelsons-sons-20150108 Neil Young will bring Willie Nelson’s sons Lukas (pictured) and Micah to promote their new album ‘The […]

Feb 252015

http://www.guardian.co.uk/gmdebate/Story/0,2763,1083640,00.html Cabinet papers warn Canada off GM crops Farmers fear long-term threat to food exports Paul Brown, environment correspondent Thursday November 13, 2003 The Guardian (UK) A secret briefing to the Canadian government has warned that the country’s massive food exports are at risk from its continued use of GM crops. The paper, which has […]

Sep 282014

The new President of Croplife Canada (lobbyist for chem-biotech companies) did not like what Larry Powell said. Larry replied to Ted Menzies.   http://www.planetinperil.ca/2014/09/blogger-responds-to-accusations-from.html  I added a Comment: 1.  Revolving door?  Ted Menzies was an MP until he resigned in Nov 2013.  CropLife is nothing more than a lobby machine for the chem-biotech corporations.  I wonder […]

Apr 172014

A comprehensive article (below), excellent info. ASIDE: Biotech stocks have been plummeting.   Wall Street Journal.  The biotech ETF has dropped 23% since peaking in late February.   Attributed to being “oversold”. http://blogs.wsj.com/moneybeat/2014/04/15/biotech-stocks-take-out-key-technical-level-as-plummet-continues/ The next March Against Monsanto (MAM) is May 24, 2014.   Is there one in your community?  I have added a couple of new Canadian […]