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CBC Victoria interviewed a professor  about making vaccinations
mandatory. I was bothered by the interview because the interviewer
(who is usually very good) did not do a good job, in my opinion, of
presenting the other side of the story. There was little attempt to
understand the source of the resistance to vaccinations.

I have paid a bit of attention to the same debate in the U.S. which has
been on-going for quite a long time, people organizing at the state
level to prevent mandatory vaccinations. The efforts centre in the
North Eastern states – – Vermont being one.

From my perspective a significant problem is complexity. The media
and the public attention typically address an issue on a narrow basis,
which does not serve well in this instance. I will elaborate. …

A second significant problem is scientific certainty, a good example of
which is/was the medical certainty that ulcers are caused by
stress. For 10 years a scientist, Dr.Barry Marshall, presented
“science” (rational) to show that ulcers are caused by an organism.
In the end he was reduced to drinking a beaker of liquid that contained
the bacteria – – it was the only way to get the erroneous “scientific
certainty” changed.

It is no easier to get a full and informed debate
around vacinations, especially with the financial interests and
propaganda of Big Pharma added in.


Answer this question: which of the elements are more toxic than
mercury? (none, and you might typically look to radioactive
materials if you want to find something more poisonous)

What has mercury got to do with vaccinations? … “mer” in the
name of a concoction often indicates a mercury-based substance.
Thimerasol. Used as a preservative in some vaccines. Less now in
North America, after growing awareness that the pharmaceutical
companies use it. (They still use it in vaccines shipped overseas to
help “poor people”.)

The use of thimerasol (ethyl mercury) in vaccines, with more and more
vaccinations administered to younger and younger infants (the end of
the 80’s, beginning of the 90’s) was exacerbated by another
problem. Something like 80% of the North American population has
carried mercury in their mouths since sometime in childhood – – for
decades once you get to my age (“silver” fillings – – dental
amalgam). The science is clear (University of Calgary has done
some of the most compelling research on this) – – the mercury
off-gases, it accumulates in the body, crosses the placental barrier
and because it accumulates in fatty tissue, is ALSO transmitted to
the infant through breast milk. (Because the link between mercury
fillings and poisoning of the foetus are known, pregnant Mothers are
advised to forego dental treatment that in any way involves mercury

This is some of the complexity that the scientific community avoids:
an infant is hit with mercury in utero, gets continuing strong doses if
a breast-feeding Mother has mercury fillings – – AND THEN, to top it
off, the developing infant may (did) receive more mercury by direct
injection in the form of the thimerasol in vaccines. There are
plenty of sources – – let me provide just this one:

I don’t know what you think of Robert F Kennedy Jr. I have read some
of his work and attended a lecture he gave. To me he comes from the
same mold as his Father, Robert Kennedy. Their number one drive is
to serve the public interest (which cost Robt Kennedy his life).
They are/were altruistic people. Robert Kennedy is a lawyer and
an activist. He does solid work and is more credible than the
vaccine manufacturers like GlaxoSmithKline, Merck, or Wyeth.

I am disposed to believe his account (I don’t particularly like the
place where this is published, but never mind – – he is the author, he
is the messenger):
2009-07-25 Vaccinations: Deadly Immunity by Robert F Kennedy Jr (Role
of Big Pharma)

You will be too young to know, and I doubt it would have been
discussed at Med School: the attempts by GloxoKleinSmith to get a
vaccine for rotavirus registered. The doctors who spoke in support
were appalling, nothing more than schills. Three or four babies die
per year from rotavirus (diarrhea) in the U.S. They die from
ignorance, the parents don’t know to keep the baby with diarrhea hydrated. Big Pharma
likes mandatory vaccination – – the Government picks up the tab.
. : 2010-01-06 2009 – Rotavirus vaccine, contaminated with a pig
virus, injected into more than a million kids in the U.S. alone.

Also,  numbers on the rise in autism, the work of Dr Stephanie Cave.

I hope the preceding is useful.
Call if you have questions I might be able to help with.


On Wed, 18 Feb 2015 21:48:40 -0600,
> We heard there were 7 more cases of measles reported today in the
> Niagara region. The CBC coverage of the issue is excellent. Despite
> this information, many parents still don’t trust the scientific
> evidence, including my cousin Sandra  (INSERT:  me). By copy of this e-mail, we’ll
> ask Sandra to explain her views about the dangers of vaccinating
> children….

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