Mar 222023

re Government Report on Vaccine Injuries & Pay-outs You mentioned the Kerrobert Newspaper. You could send the following to them “FYI”,  for use as/if they see fit. The info is Government-supplied.   My intention is to get conversations going.   People cannot protect themselves and their families if they don’t have the information. The vaccine […]

Nov 132022

This began as a submission to the Commission of Enquiry into the Invocation of the Emergency Act in Canada, in February 2022.   WE WILL DO BETTER . . .  NEXT TIME  say the Police CONTENTS, approximately 1.  THE VOCABULARY IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE VOCABULARY FOR THE DISCOURSE, can you be clear about […]

Nov 132022 On April 25, 2022, the Government of Canada established the Public Order Emergency Commission to inquire into the circumstances that led to the declaration of emergency that was in place from February 14-23, 2022, and the measures taken for dealing with the emergency. Justice Paul Rouleau was appointed Commissioner.   October 13 until Friday, November […]

Nov 112022

My tribute to Remembrance 1.   Taps (Il Selencio), trumpet solo, 4 minutes to touch your soul:  2.   Video   (Entering a URL does not always work.)    Start typing into a search:     Trucker Two young fellows went to the Coutts blockade in Alberta, at the end of January, 2022.  This is their video. Coutts, […]

Oct 232022

Wow!   An awesome interview. View Now       The Globalist Criminal Mind: WTF Are They Thinking?! | John Leake     View Now   True crime writer, John Leake, co-authored the book, The Courage to Face Covid-19 with Dr. Peter McCullough. The book is an in-depth chronological account of the systematic censorship and vilification […]

Oct 232022

EXCERPT,  RECLAIM THE NET:   The US District Court for the Western District of Louisiana issued a ruling, ordering Dr. Anthony Fauci and White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre to respond to document requests by the New Civil Liberties Alliance in conjunction with the Missouri and Louisiana attorneys general on behalf of plaintiffs in State of Missouri […]

Oct 202022

  RESOURCE:  POSTINGS RE VACCINES   2021-04-19 U.S. Military WOULD BE more resistant to forced vaccination. History forgotten (deliberately?). Forced Anthrax vaccination wrongly labeled “Gulf War Syndrome” = = = = = = = = = = = = = 2.   2017-04-30 The Anthrax Vaccine and Gulf War Illness EXCERPT In October 2004, […]

Oct 202022
2022-10-20  Covid:  L's letter to the Public Order Emergency Commission.   With thanks to Ken Drysdale, True Facts C-19

kenrdrysdale 6 hours ago 7 min read A True Story, From One of Our (The True Facts, C-19) Subscribers!   Many of you ask me on a daily basis: “What Can I do”? I received this poignant, email from one of our subscribers, in which she included a copy of her submission to the “Public Order […]