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  • Lockheed Martin/Census/Trial updates.

When you put things together into one package, you get a better picture of the seriousness.

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1.       Important petition, help the kids, not too many signatures to go:

Our universities fund weapons. petition asking Maclean’s Magazine to include a “University Ethical Investment” ranking in their next Universities Report.   

Click on:   https://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/maclean-s-magazine-add-an-ethical-investment-ranking-in-your-next-annual-universities-report


2.       Please forward to your SK Contacts who may be able to attend this important meeting: 

*ACTION ALERT* The U of S Board of Governors is having its Annual Public Meeting on March 4th, noon to one, Convocation Hall.

The four new board members include Grant Isaac, Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of Cameco Corp, an uranium-mining giant based in Saskatoon. Also, the recently appointed University Secretary who will be replacing Lea Pennock in April is Elizabeth Williamson, the current Director of Legal Services in Governance for Cameco.

It’s time to ask the Board some tough questions about their complicity with nuclear/uranium industry that is destroying lands, communities, and health in Northern Saskatchewan while undermining the right to self-determination (through Cameco/Areva’s ‘Collaborative Agreement’ with Pinehouse that effectively silences the opposition).  The corporatization of the university to serve their own interests has to be reversed.

It’s time to IDLE NO MORE!!

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Lockheed Martin’s involvement in the Canadian 2006 census caused me not to fill in a census form.

I was charged.  The trial has been on-going since April 2008.

I am expecting the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal decision in the next month or two.

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I am in awe (in case you missed it):

2012-01-23 Toronto peace activist, 88, could go to jail for refusing to fill out 2011 census 

Audrey Tobias and I landed in the same circumstance.  But SHE is tackling the Court solely on the basis of Lockheed Martin’s involvement in the census.   What a lady!    (My defence is the Charter Right to Privacy of personal information, a much easier path!)

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I occasionally take time to post “pre-blog” information that is valuable:




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From an earlier posting:

The central message of the email: the fragility of “reason” when it is divorced from morality.

My understanding of history is that the proclivity of educated people to compartmentalize (specialize) was an enabler of Hitler’s Nazi Europe and the holocaust. With compartmentalization the moral component is de-activated. So-called “reason” rules the day which means that a completely utilitarian model is used for decision-making. The ones who should have protected European society during the nazi/fascist buildup, the educated and influential, did not. They did not intervene when they saw the danger signs. Today, Lockheed Martin is a great big danger sign that says it is time to intervene.

Governance is a dynamic system. Dynamic systems provide feedback to tell whether they are stable or becoming unstable. If the APPROPRIATE corrective action is taken IN A TIMELY WAY, then the system can be returned to stability.

Appropriate corrective action always addresses CAUSE.

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