May 272013

There is so much to pass along – don’t know where to begin.   The March exceeded all expectations, people in 52 countries involved.  And it all got organized in a short time.

Maybe this tells it all:   Marianne Williamson talking to the March Against Monsanto in Venice, California.  Everyone should see it, even if you are not an American. 

(UPDATE:  see also  2013-05-31  Stand Up, Speak Out!: Marianne Williamson at TEDxTraverseCity  – Williamson addresses the role of women in the resistance.)


NOTE:  I contacted Marianne Williamson June 8th to suggest that the role of the Universities should be addressed.

REPLY RECEIVED:   Sun 09/06/2013 1:14 PM

SUBJECT:  Re: Marianne’s March Against Monsanto talk:  Needs the role of the University

Thanks. I know you’re right. Pharmaceutical companies in medical schools, too.



Marianne Williamson

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OCTOBER 12TH! Mark your calendars. No conflicting events, please!   (Not even Canadian Thanksgiving!)

March Against Monsanto says:

We march on SATURDAY, Oct 12, 2013. World Food Day (10/16/13) falls on a Wednesday, so that is not a good day for great turnout. . . . These things do require a bit of planning…”

COMMENT by Paul (Edmonton):

The Movement seems to have decided and since their (USA) thanksgiving is on a different weekend, we follow them. Besides, what better way to celebrate thanksgiving than to be thankful for GM Freedom!

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WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP?  Especially after listening to Marianne Williamson?!

Conversation with a person from Barrie ON explains it:

–          I’ve been wondering – what if some of us started looking at communities that don’t have a March Against Monsanto(MAM) F/B page? Maybe we know someone in such a community. We could contact them to see if they, or someone they know, would set up a MAM F/B group for their community. There would be more Marches then, the next time around. Even if they don’t all have an actual March, still the word would be getting into many more communities. What do you think?   . . .

(response positive, but groups are talking different dates.)

–          I just looked up info on the MAM Official F/B group. “We march on SATURDAY, Oct 12, 2013

How about if we work toward that? As you point out – – “Stronger if we all march on the same day and everyone knows what everyone else is doing“.

–          I started posting notice of OCTOBER 12th on different groups.  So they won’t set up conflicting events.   . . .

–  Received a reply from MAM San Francisco about getting more communities onto MAM thru F/B.

–          (Reply received)  sounds great!!!! *high five* lol

–          LOL – I am too! “Karen” from San Fran says she wants to help us!  We are already 3!  This is a blast. Will get back to you after I’ve posted on some more MAM groups.

Let me know if you’d like to help!

(If everyone lets their community groups know about Oct 12th so there aren’t conflicting events (Thanksgiving aside!), that would be very helpful!)

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