Nov 252018

On his program “On Contact,” journalist and author Chris Hedges interviews Joe Lauria, CN editor, on the moves to prosecute Julian Assange using the Espionage Act; the media’s cravenness and the latest on Assange’s condition in London. The Fate of Julian Assange: Chris Hedges Interviews Consortium News Editor-in-Chief Joe Lauria Consortium News  

Nov 212018
2015-09-30  Environmental Activists Continue to Face Interrogations at US-Canada Border,   Earth Island Journal

Members of Deep Green Resistance denied entry to Canada on the way to a Chris Hedges’ lecture Adam Federman   Three members of the radical environmental organization Deep Green Resistance and two other individuals were detained for more than seven hours at the Peace Arch border crossing between Washington State and British Columbia on their […]

Jan 292017
(1 of 2)   Chris Hedges, What makes for successful revolution?  Excerpts from "Wages of Rebellion"

    SO NOW!   WHAT MIGHT WE LEARN FROM THE RESEARCH? Happily, Chris Hedges has published his analysis of the historical record – – his book  “Wages of Rebellion, The Moral Imperative of Revolt” (2015). EXCERPTS: Page 2 (Introduction) Crane Brinton, in his 1965 book The Anatomy of Revolution, explores the preconditions for revolution in the English, […]

Jan 292017

    Chris Hedges, “Wages of Rebellion”   (excerpts from end of book)   P. 183 …  Manning’s sentence (35 years in prison) once again confirmed the inversion of our moral and legal order, the capitulation of the press, and the misuse of the law to prevent any oversight or investigation of official abuses of power, […]

Jan 292017

The interview by Abby Martin, click on: See also:  Chris Hedges, WHAT MAKES FOR SUCCESSFUL REVOLUTION? (excerpts from beginning of Wages of Rebellion.) See also:  Chris Hedges, more from Wages of Rebellion. Political prisoners, Rebels.     See also:   there is a new category under “Solidarity with the Warriors” for Chris Hedges.   At the top of […]

Jan 152017

The arrival of four thousand U.S. Veterans at Standing Rock on the side of the Sioux and non-violent resistance marks a high-water point in the revolution against the Lords of the American Corporate Empire. (Interpreted through the historical record.) Some people will want to skip straight down to heading  “CONVERSION“. RELATED: 2016-12-21 Why I Kneeled Before Standing […]

Apr 012016

David posted a comment on my posting: There are two sides to the story. Why do we hear only one? Not only do I concur, Sandra, so does Christopher Hedges… Hey!  I am in good company! Many thanks to David for directing us to the following: Short interview of Chris Hedges by the Real News t Chris […]

May 142015
2015-05-13  Chris Hedges says America on road to revolution, even in Baltimore, CBC Radio The Current,  Tremonti

If you have time, I recommend listening to Meet Tyrone West ,  AND THEN to Chris Hedges. But importantly,  listen to Hedges.     Re  Tyrone West   2.  Interview with Chris Hedges:    Listen 24:56 From income inequality, to police brutality, to new methods of surveillance, journalist Chris Hedges believes we are in a point […]

Mar 272015

Chris Hedges may be right  – – Chris Hedges on Bill C-51: They have won, and it is up to us   Bill C-51 exists in an unprecedented corporate era.  “P-3’s” (so-called “Public-Private-Partnerships”) are exalted by Governments and their Corporate partners.  “The Public”‘s  translation is “Pick the Public Purse”. One of the biggest areas of corporate takeover […]