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RE  John Pilger’s  documentary, The War You Don’t See  

Journalists, administrators speak frankly on-film of their personal shame for reporting the propaganda spewed out by the manufacturers of the Iraq War.     (Scroll down through the white space,  there’s a white bar,  click on the left end of it.)

(I happen coincidentally to be reading Ronald Wright’s What is America? (2008), a myth-busting book about violence in the U.S.)


BLESS JOHN PILGER  for being a journalist who so effectively calls his fellow journalists to account.   Democracy otherwise drowns in seas of propaganda.

ASIDE:   Earlier postings related to Pilger


BIG DEAL IF I APPLAUD PILGER.    (The War You Don’t See, extended.)  

What can I do to help him / his worthy work?   . . .   hmmm

I was taken aback by Julie Cafley’s recent analysis in the Globe and Mail of the problems at the universities.  The elephant in the ivory towers is corporate power which she does not even mention.   That is a serious omission!

Reply to Globe&Mail, “Universities need a new model of governance” by Julie Cafley

But why would Cafley be obtuse to the problem?   . . .  what is this organization,  Canada’s Public Policy Forum,  that she works for?      Aaaaah!    Take a look.   Explains everything.   These guys PROMOTE corporate inclusion.    


I am no John Pilger.   But I can help out.   I left a message on Julie Cafley’s voice mail.  613-238-7858 Ext: 229

I think we have to suck it up and directly challenge – - well, we actually have to stop – -  these people who so blithely sell-out our democracy.    Corporatized universities are in the propaganda business.    Propaganda is necessary to fascism.

John Pilger understands that.   Most of us understand that.   Why doesn’t a PhD know that?


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