Jan 182019

Does it really matter whether the funding is from Huawei, Lockheed Martin, or Monsanto-Bayer?   It seems like trying to close the barn door after the horse has bolted. – – – – – – – Decision on Chinese telecoms firm comes as national security concerns mount in the west The university emailed doctoral students in […]

Jan 172019
2019-01-16   Health Canada,  No independent review of Roundup Herbicide (Monsanto now Bayer),  from Canadian Cancer Survivor Network and Prevent Cancer NOW

Glyphosate Objectors’ Concerns Heightened by Health Canada Response   Glyphosate Objectors’ Concerns Are Heightened Following Replies from Health Canada (being released January 14, 2019 online) Responses Dismiss Key Science and Lack Transparency Canadians at Risk, With no Independent Review of Roundup Herbicide For Immediate Release Ottawa, January 14, 2018 – Today, Health Canada is releasing […]

Jan 172019
2019-01-16  Canadian military claimed a report didn't exist — even though it 'clearly' did, Ottawa Citizen

Details of the incident emerged shortly after a court heard about alleged attempts by officers to hide records needed by Vice Admiral Mark Norman Judge Advocate General Commodore Geneviève Bernatchez, who endorsed a recommendation by one of her staff to tell DND officials that the report didn’t exist, according to a briefing document.David Kawai/The Canadian […]

Jan 172019
2019-01-15  “Cash-for-access dinners have made a return to Ontario politics and it’s a bad sign for democracy. ... “At $1,250 per-plate to buy the ear of the premier, this is not a ‘government for the people.’ It’s a government for big banks, big developers, big nuclear, and big oil.”

“Cash-for-access dinners have made a return to Ontario politics and it’s a bad sign for democracy. Pay-to-play politics is good for those with deep pockets, but not good for the people,” said Schreiner. “At $1,250 per-plate to buy the ear of the premier, this is not a ‘government for the people.’ It’s a government for […]

Jan 152019
2016-09-30  A Look into Nestle’s Controversial Water Bottling Business in Canada,  from Vice.com

by Vanmala Subramaniam The company’s Canadian subsidiary is currently in dispute with an Ontario town that was experiencing a drought. Photo via Flickr user Wilson Hui With about 0.5 percent of the world’s population, Canada has a disproportionate share of global water supply with seven percent of the globe’s renewable water and roughly half of […]

Jan 152019
2018-11-13  The growing pains of updating BC's water law, Watershed Sentinel, by Gavin MacRae

The growing pains of updating BC’s water law by Gavin MacRae | Nov 13, 2018 By Gavin MacRae Watershed Sentinel writer Gavin MacRae examines how well the new Water Sustainability Act is working in the context of a water bottling controversy in Merville   BC’s original Water Act was a relic, drafted when Vancouver was […]

Jan 132019
2019-01-07  Plastic recycling to hit oil producers, from Petroleum Economist

The rise of plastics recycling plants may stunt demand for oil Reaction against the environmentally damaging effect of plastic packaging is fuelling the development of plants in Europe and elsewhere that can recycle it as liquid feedstock or fuel in a trend that is likely to reduce refineries’ demand for oil. Many say the chemicals […]

Jan 122019
2016-06-17  Water export, Vander Zalm,  Four reports, 1 CanLii Comment:  B.C. government guilty of misfeasance in long-running water dispute;  B.C. businessman waged a two-decade legal battle against his province. A judge finally sided with him;  Province appeals damning water export case; Premier Bill Vander Zalm and the Water War Crimes

The first article below is an update:  An award of damages has yet to be made in this case.  . . .  the trial judge held not only the relevant official, then-Premier William Vander Zalm liable, but also the Province itself on the basis that it was a “collective public body.”  The case is decades […]

Jan 102019
2019-01-09  U.S. Water Fluoridation: A Forced Experiment that Needs to End.  Lawsuit in the offing.  From Children's Health Defense.

By the Children’s Health Defense Team   The United States stands almost entirely alone among developed nations in adding industrial silicofluorides to its drinking water—imposing the community-wide measure without informed consent. Globally, roughly 5% of the population consumes chemically fluoridated water, but more people in the U.S. drink fluoride-adulterated water than in all other countries […]