May 192017
2017-05-03  Puerto Rico Bankruptcy Puts Pressure on California, Illinois, Connecticut, Breitbart News.  Vulture capitalists.

Puerto Rico’s world-record $116 billion bankruptcy filing represents a massive liability risk for auditors who will likely demand that highly-indebted states — such as Connecticut, Illinois and California — disclose more liabilities, write down assets, and curtail debt issues. Spencer Platt / Getty  by Chriss W. Street  Newport Beach, CA Puerto Rico’s congressionally mandated PROMESA […]

May 182017
2016-08-09  Turning off the Tap:  Site C and Water Privatization in Canada,  Global Research

Turning off the Tap: Site C and Water Privatization in Canada (Back-up copy) By Jennifer O’Keeffe Site C Dam is a proposed 60-metre high, 1,050m length dam on the Peace River on Treaty 8 territory in northeastern British Columbia (see image below), a project that if built, would create an 83km reservoir submerging 78 First […]

May 162017

WITH THANKS FOR THE ARTICLE, TO JAKE  (from the USA) who writes: The questions that no one seems to be asking are the obvious ones. Big Pharma and Big Agriculture have taken control of most of the governmental bodies of the USA and sadly it appears by all of the evidence that a majority of the […]

May 162017
2017-05-06    On greed, debt & the inevitable housing crisis, Michael Hudson, published in Common Ground (Vancouver).

The insights of Michael Hudson, with thanks to Common Ground, are beneficial to this posting with its ties to Beyond Banksters and New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man:  2017-04-28   Dominic Barton (McKinsey Co.): Morneau appointed him to head Advisory Committee on Economic Growth.   An interview with Michael Hudson by Joseph Roberts Michael Hudson […]

May 162017
2017-05-11   Refusal to Vaccinate Should Be a Hanging Offense?   from the Vaccine Reaction “If the State can tag, track down and force individuals to be injected with biologicals of known and unknown toxicity today, then there will be no limit on which individual freedoms the state can take away in the name of the greater good tomorrow.” — Barbara Loe Fisher, National Vaccine Information Center by Marco […]

May 142017
2017-05-14   Julian Assange:   Ecuador 'concerned' over lack of progress.  BBC.  Article follows – – I get my say first! Authoritarian governments, under the control of tyrants, hold political prisoners without bringing charges.   You ain’t allowed to do that in a democracy. Laws become tools for silencing dissent when Governments can hold people hostage with the threat of prosecution, but never proceed to actual laying […]

May 112017

The report notes that only the most profitable, least-risky projects will be privatized With thanks to CUPE for making G&M material available  (G&M requires subscription): Newly-released government documents expose the privatization plans at the heart of the Liberal’s proposed infrastructure bank The Globe and Mail is reporting on government briefings that show the Canada Infrastructure Bank […]

May 092017

COMER is the Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform  (Canada) Decision on the application for leave to appeal. The request for an oral hearing is dismissed. The application for leave to appeal from the judgment of the Federal Court of Appeal, Number A-76-16, 2016 FCA 312, dated December 7, 2016, is dismissed with costs. Dismissed, […]

May 082017

Dear Members of the Committee,   You might appreciate this addition to your deliberations: Popular belief in the U.S. is that the vaccine manufacturers cannot be sued for injuries caused by their products.   As with vaccines in general: the belief is in the process of being disproven.   Which has implications for you. C-87 is coercive: […]

May 082017
2017-05-08   Victims of vaccine damage can sue manufacturers in the US, by Jon Rappoport

Victims of vaccine damage can sue manufacturers in the US It’s happening now… by Jon Rappoport May 7, 2017 (Note to our loyal readers: We’re working to restore Meanwhile, this blog is fully operating. Posting continues. To join our email list, click here.) Major media aren’t giving this story the coverage it deserves. I certainly […]