Dec 072018

From: Sandra Finley some edits to original. – – – – In case people at OpenMedia are not aware. My reading:  Barbara Loe Fisher’s recent video is an alert, an alarm bell.  Even if it’s US-based. The New Internet Police Protecting You From Freedom of Thought and Speech, NVIC, *Barbara Loe Fisher Elaboration follows.   […]

Dec 062018

BACKGROUND: Wikipedia:  Syngenta AG is a Swiss-based global company  that produces agrochemicals and seeds. As a biotechnology  company, it conducts genomic research. It was formed in 2000  by the merger of Novartis Agribusiness and Zeneca  Agrochemicals. As of 2014 Syngenta is the world’s largest  crop chemical producer[2] As of 2009 it ranked third in  seeds […]

Dec 062018

 RELATED:   2018-12-06 NYT: Paul Manafort Discussed Deal to Seize Julian Assange   Julian Assange’s lawyer has rejected an agreement announced by Ecuador’s president to see him leave the Ecuadorean embassy in London, after six years inside. Lenin Moreno, the president of Ecuador, has made no secret of his wish to be rid of the WikiLeaks […]

Dec 062018
2018-12-03   NYT: Paul Manafort Discussed Deal with Ecuador to hand over Julian Assange to the US

Image A rally in Quito, Ecuador, in support of the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been holed up in the country’s embassy in London since 2012.CreditCreditJose Jacome/EPA, via Shutterstock RELATED:    2018-12-06 Julian Assange rejects UK-Ecuador deal for him to leave the embassy, The Telegraph The New York Times is reporting that President Trump’s former […]

Dec 062018 (alternate) As the media memorializes George H.W. Bush, we look at the lasting impact of his 1991 invasion of Iraq and the propaganda campaign that encouraged it. Although the Gulf War technically ended in February of 1991, the U.S. war on Iraq would continue for decades, first in the form of devastating sanctions […]

Dec 052018
2018-11-30   Meet the Guatemalan villagers taking a Canadian mining company to court, CBC Documentary, Peter Mansbridge

In Search of a Perfect World: Angelica & German Since the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was drafted in 1948, the growing global economy has created new challenges. With operations that can span several different countries, large multinational corporations, such as mining and extraction companies, can act with impunity, without state oversight or the control […]

Dec 052018
2018-12-03  The New Internet Police Protecting You From Freedom of Thought and Speech, NVIC, Barbara Loe Fisher

RELATED:    2018-12-07   An alert sent to OpenMedia, Propaganda flourishes if we can’t hang onto Net Neutrality.   (Includes elaboration.) by Barbara Loe Fisher TRANSCRIPT Before the Internet was launched in 1992, our thoughts, values and beliefs were informed by our family and friends and by the books, magazines and newspapers we read and by what […]

Dec 052018
2018-12-05   US:  1st Criminal Charges Filed in Off-Shore Banking Activity, teleSUR.  Panama Papers

U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York charges four men on grounds of wire fraud and money laundering conspiracy, connected to tax haven use, leaving three arrested and one at large. On Tuesday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office of the Southern District of New York charged four people for taking part in a scheme, similar to the […]

Dec 052018

By Andrew Blake Attorneys seeking details about the U.S. government’s investigation into WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange argued Monday that the Department of Justice lacks justification for continuing to keep its case completely sealed. Lawyers for the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, a nonprofit organization representing journalists’ interests, raised the claim throughout a 12-page […]

Dec 032018
2018-11-29  Bayer Slashes 12,000 Jobs as Monsanto Takeover Turns Sour, by Sustainable Pulse

Bayer, the German drugmaker that bought U.S. seed company Monsanto earlier this year, announced on Thursday the sale of a number of businesses, around 12,000 job cuts and 3.3 billion euros ($3.8 billion) in impairments, Reuters reported. NOTE:  some very interesting “Related” stories (international resistance) from Sustainable Pulse at bottom. Chief Executive Werner Baumann is […]