Feb 172024

Scroll down to the list:    Selected postings, the Privatization of Water, Water for Profit     WATER IN B.C. LET’S  SELL  IT! MERVILLE JUNE 2022 + February 2024 Sandra Finley   Who? Mr. McKenzie Merville License him. He will sell the water.   Who will buy the water? One-half the Truth:   local people The […]

Jun 072022

The Cowichan Valley has a water problem. “There isn’t a water shortage right now, but there is a significant issue regarding the allotment of water for future developments,” said Brian Dennison, current head of special projects and former manager of utilities with the Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD). Across the CVRD, the main surface water […]

Jun 022022

Chinese Business Owners Could Spend More Than $20 Million on Canadian Water Sources   Note:  the top of the Water Canada page is 2015.  The above is the first article below.   There are other links, other articles.  Water Canada is active on Twitter. FULL TEXT OF Canadian Water Summit June 1-3 . . . willing […]

Jun 012022

From Bruce Gibbons, Merville Water Guardians  (May 28) Call to ACTION: Please take the time to draft an email expressing your concern about this proposal and registering your vehement opposition to its approval. The CVRD needs to know our opposition is not “anti-business”, it is pro-water protection.  And they need to know about the issues […]

Jun 012022

  UPDATE  Spring 2022:   FLNRORD is dismantled.  The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Water STEWARDSHIP  has been created, out of a portion of the rubble from FLNRORD. FLNRORD (now defunct) = BC Ministery of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development,  which was responsible for the granting of licenses to take water. UBCM = […]

Jun 012022

Selected postings, the Privatization of Water, Water for Profit  (Merville) We people are accomplished at creating disasters for ourselves.   If you glimpse the lay of the land,  you will understand:  We have to stop the export of water from BC.   It can only end in disaster.     A glimpse:     2022-06-01 Canadian Water Summit June […]

May 252022

OPPORTUNITY   Please hammer this point in Canada whenever you have the opportunity. It is NOT citizen use of water that makes the big difference in water supplies.  It is INDUSTRIAL USE. Insist on monitoring, reporting, and inclusion of industrial use in any and all publications / media releases and media coverage of water departments. Licenses […]

May 042022

From: Bruce Sent: May 4, 2022 Subject: Update on Merville Water Bottling License Hi everyone. The application for amendment of the Merville Water License is still in the hands of the CVRD staff, compiling information, seeking further details from FLNRORD and preparing a staff report to be brought before the Regional District Board when completed.  I have […]

Apr 242022

For earlier coverage of this case, go to 2019-01-28 Intro to the “Strathcona Resolution”Water, with list of related postings (https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=23652)   January 27, 2020 Vancouver Sun Ian Mulgrew:   High court ends decades-old water dispute   West Vancouver entrepreneur Colin Beach’s 30-year-old lawsuit to hold former Premier Bill Vander Zalm accountable has ended not with a […]

Dec 222021

Wall Street is being “Warned” against the commodification of water? IT’S  TOO LATE! AND TOO NICE.  The water futures market was set up a year ago. Last year’s news about the (U.S.) Mercantile Bank’s WATER FUTURES MARKET is in the posting: 2021-02-14 The New Canada Water Agency https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=25298 4.  IMPORTANT   Just before Christmas, the CME Group, […]