Feb 032020

Feb 3, 2020 TO:  Bernadette Jordan South Shore—St. Margarets Minister of Fisheries, Oceans, and the Canadian Coast Guard FROM:  Sandra Finley  (contact info)   Dear Minister Jordan,   RE:  Herring Fishery, BC   I lived in Nova Scotia from 1974 to 1990. During that time the cod fishery collapsed. I now live on Vancouver Island. […]

Feb 252019

LETTER TO MUNICIPAL COUNCIL Dear Members of Council and Staff,   I am trying to understand what’s going on.  This might be a bit blunt for you. I am addressing a collective, not individuals in the collective. Two things.   REGARDING: The Regulations that apply to the (  – – – ) are not hard […]

Feb 052019
2019-02-04   Federal Court overturns controversial salmon farm policy,  StarMetro Vancouver

By Wanyee Li StarMetro Vancouver Ainslie Cruickshank StarMetro Vancouver VANCOUVER—The Federal Court has quashed a controversial Fisheries and Oceans Canada policy that allowed fish farms to transfer young salmon into open-net pens without first testing them for a contagious virus that could pose a threat to B.C.’s iconic wild salmon. In a 199-page decision released […]

Oct 022018

Return to  INDEX, Salish Sea (Excerpt from an earlier note from Howard: I deliberately covered a lot of ground in the Blue Book because I wanted people to see the ‘big picture’ on our inland sea and connections between issues that are often considered in isolation from one another, even though the problems never can be […]

Sep 252018

Return to  INDEX, Salish Sea This is a significant paper for many Canadians, not only the people of Bowser. Note:  click on the small text under the Title of the posting (its “category”)  – – Bowser Sewage Treatment Plant – – to generate a thumbnail list of all the postings related to the Sewage Treatment […]

Sep 072018
2018-08-02  (Salish Sea)   Save French Creek Estuary Land  (building sea-side, sea-level housing in rising sea levels)

Return to  INDEX, Salish Sea This is about vestiges of a productive, abundant delta “land development” near the sea, on flood plains when ocean levels are rising.   French Creek Estuary. Estuary:   the tidal mouth of a river, where the tide meets the stream. The Government commissions a Report.  The Report tells them: Coastal inundation   […]

Sep 072018

Return to  INDEX, Salish Sea   The poster files (PDF & JPEG) are at:  http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=21809 – – – – – – – Hi Holly   (Diane gave me your name), Please consider the APPENDED for inclusion in your Public Service Announcements. Questions?   Call  (YOUR CONTACT INFO)   250-594-9898  (Sandra Finley, Qualicum Beach) Thank-you! On behalf of the […]

Sep 062018

Return to  INDEX, Salish Sea Candidate List, 2018    (as at Sept 21, 2018)  Spreadsheet, click on to open   We are fortunate! David compiled a list of candidates in the Oceanside area, for the Municipal Elections on Oct 20  (advance polls Oct 10).  The list includes: Qualicum Beach Parksville The RDN (Regional District of Nanaimo) […]

Aug 302018

Return to  INDEX, Salish Sea “Salish Sea”  Book Event,  Sept 24 7:00   Emcee welcomes, tells the audience the time-table,  introduces Howard.   Presentation begins. 7:45   Shake-it-up Break.  (up to Howard & Andrew) At an appropriate time,  “pass-the=basket” for donations, while the Q&A is going.  (Not necessary – – people were generous at the door, coming in.) […]