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“Salish Sea”  Book Event,  Sept 24

7:00   Emcee welcomes, tells the audience the time-table,  introduces Howard.   Presentation begins.

7:45   Shake-it-up Break.  (up to Howard & Andrew)

At an appropriate time,  “pass-the=basket” for donations, while the Q&A is going.  (Not necessary – – people were generous at the door, coming in.)

Q&A,  Discussion.

9:00    Emcee says Good Night

9:30    Everyone Out.


Additional info you may like to know, relevant to tonite’s “Salish Sea” event:

(It turned out,  there was no time to announce any of the following.)

  1.  There is a new interpretive pavilion in QB, on the beach.  Many people will know the location as the Brant Goose Park or wildlife area.

Yesterday (Sunday)  the QB Streamkeepers  dedicated the new pavilion to the memory of Faye Smith.

It’s a beautiful and interesting destination for everyone.  I’m sure that many classrooms of students will visit it, to learn more about the Salish Sea.


  1. INFORMATION TABLES at the back of the hall, people may like to see before they leave:

i.     Howard’s book, “Views of the Salish Sea”.   Hard cover, $40.   Mulberry Bush Bookstore has the book at both the QB and Parksville locations.

If you’re from Bowser,  the “Salish Sea Giftstore” carries the book.

If enough hard cover copies are sold, the publisher will print a lower-priced paperback version, making the book accessible to more people.

ii.     CPOC (Communities Protecting Our Coast) (pronounced See Pock).

Who/what is CPOC?

The lime green T-shirts that you see walking around are CPOC supporters.

Slogan   When you love something, Stand up for it!”

The T-shirts are available for sale at the CPOC table.

Surplus money from this “Salish Sea” event will be used to further the work of CPOC.

iii.   SAVE THE FRENCH CREEK ESTUARY has already collected 1,500 signatures on a petition, people may want to add their name, or get more information.



David Todtman has compiled a  CANDIDATE LIST  complete with contact information.  The list covers Qualicum Beach, Parksville, and the Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN).  The list is available on-line.  It’s easy to find not only who will be on your ballot, but who else is running in the Oceanside area.


People should know how their donation will be handled.

Judith will provide the schtick on that.

We need to hit $450 before there is any money for an honorarium for Howard.

SUGGEST:   count the donations received at the door before  “pass-the-bucket”.   Judith/Andrew can tell the audience what the shortfall is, that we need to cover with the pass-the-bucket.  (Received enough donations at the door.  Pass the bucket was not necessary.)


QUESTION TO HOWARD:  in context of person taking over the Q&A or community discussion after you leave:  would you want it said that, if there are unanswered questions, people could contact you by email?


I’d be happy to, with a couple of caveats.

First, that people don’t expect instant answers. As you’ve seen, I wander away from my emails– trying to write other things–for days on end.

Second, that people recognise my severe limitations. I deliberately covered a lot of ground in the Blue Book because I wanted people to see the ‘big picture’ on our inland sea and connections between issues that are often considered in isolation from one another, even though the problems never can be solved in isolation. The result is that I talk of many things about which I am very far from an expert.

But if there is likely to be follow up conversation then maybe I / we should stay later. I wouldn’t want to miss it, even as a fly on the wall.


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