Oct 022018

Return to  INDEX, Salish Sea (Excerpt from an earlier note from Howard: I deliberately covered a lot of ground in the Blue Book because I wanted people to see the ‘big picture’ on our inland sea and connections between issues that are often considered in isolation from one another, even though the problems never can be […]

Sep 252018

Return to  INDEX, Salish Sea This is a significant paper for many Canadians, not only the people of Bowser. Note:  click on the small text under the Title of the posting (its “category”)  – – Bowser Sewage Treatment Plant – – to generate a thumbnail list of all the postings related to the Sewage Treatment […]

Aug 272018

INDEX SEPTEMBER 24, 2018  BOOK EVENT  “SALISH SEA“, AUTHOR HOWARD STEWART Agendas, List of Candidates, Municipal Election, List of NOTE:  the following link is valid, even if it shows as invalid. Coastal zone management framework proposal for the Salish Sea, Howard Stewart Communities, Mid-Island, a list of Contact Info &  DISTRIBUTION LIST for Salish Sea  […]

May 242018
2018-05-16  Water:  Bowser residents protest marine sewage outfall plan,  Parksville Qualicum Beach News,  Michael Briones

This is a local issue, but one that affects everyone. Please see the  “Comments” (from the newspaper)  at the bottom of this posting. Water and/or Oceans people:  please weigh in at URL:      https://www.pqbnews.com/news/bowser-residents-protest-marine-sewage-outfall-plan/ with information. I, too, will add an on-line Comment,  but don’t have time at the moment. Thanks!   Sandra   Michael […]

Apr 232018

RE:   Why so few people on Six Nations reserve have clean running water, unlike their neighbours   ( http://www.cbc.ca/radio/outintheopen/why-so-few-people-on-six-nations-reserve-have-clean-running-water-unlike-their-neighbours-1.4618968)   EXCERPT from the program: . . .   communities suffering from disease and death thanks to long-neglected water quality. Martin-Hill . . . “I think we all know at some level that the environment has a […]

2018-04-16 Verbal version of Water, Submission to Town Council, Cholera cases, originating French Creek and Qualicum Bay. And April 9th report of norovirus. Human sewage a plausible factor in both.

 Bowser Sewage Treatment Plant, Health  Comments Off on 2018-04-16 Verbal version of Water, Submission to Town Council, Cholera cases, originating French Creek and Qualicum Bay. And April 9th report of norovirus. Human sewage a plausible factor in both.
Apr 122018

TO:   Town Council          FOR:    Council Meeting, April 16th, 2018 (Written version submitted April 11th) SPEAKER:   Sandra Finley, resident SUBJECT:   Cholera cases, originating French Creek and Qualicum Bay.  And April 9th report of norovirus.  Human sewage a plausible factor in both.   Thank-you for the opportunity to share information in support of my request.  I am […]

Apr 102018

Please scroll down to heading  With thanks to Dianne (the local resident). NOTE: the Comment from Thomas Gates (bottom of posting) from local group SOS Bowser  http://sosbowser.ca. Both the cholera and norovirus outbreaks are plausibly related to sewage  (#1 and #2 quotes, just below). Not mentioned:   marine vessels as a source of human sewage.   […]

Apr 092018

My letter to officials appears below this reply from the Medical Health Officer:   From: Hasselback, Paul Sent: March 26, 2018 7:03 AM To:  Sandra Finley Cc: Waters, Shannon (Dr)  ((Vancouver Island Health Authority) Subject: FW: re Cholera cases from herring eggs, Qualicum Beach area   Ms. Finley:   As the Medical Health Officer for […]

Mar 252018

The Vancouver Sun reports: “The harvest (of herring eggs) in the area where the infections took place — a stretch of coastal waters from French Creek to Qualicum Beach . . .”.   I describe my experience in that same water, in  Submission to BC Govt officials, re the proposed Bowser Sewage Treatment Plant   (2017-09-12).   […]

Oct 292017

I made a submission to the Government about the Bowser Sewage Treatment Plant (“Opportunity! …). Reply from the Deputy Minister of Environment received (I have some follow-up to do.):   Reference:  311945 October 19, 2017   Dear Ms. Finley:   On behalf of the Honourable George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, thank […]