Aug 092022

A half-dozen related postings. (Anti-SLAPP laws  are designed to protect ordinary citizens from being silenced.) 1.      2202-08-09  Anti-SLAPP   BIG WIN FOR PEOPLE .   Court dismisses defamation suit against conservationists  . . . a B.C. law designed to protect freedom of speech   (   2.       2017-07-28 How an Ontario mom fended off […]

Aug 042019

The cover letter was submitted, a SUMMARY.   It is followed by a document with the details .   COVER LETTER   (a Summary, actually submitted) April 6, 2017 TO:   Marie Bordeleau Executive Director Uniform Law Conference of Canada (613) 986-2945 Submitted via   Dear Marie,   In follow-up to phone conversation:   I made a […]

Jul 202019

Proposal?   (Incomplete)    Two pasted together. WHAT:  A series of 15 minute videos, themed around Justice system, Rule of Law. GENERAL MOTIVATION:  We don’t have the Rule of Law.   It isn’t well understood. IMMEDIATE MOTIVATION:   NAFTA Re-negotiation.  INTERNATIONAL LAWS (TRADE DEALS) TO OVER-RIDE NATIONAL AND PROVINCIAL LAWS.   Can the series be done with this at beginning? […]

Oct 122018

UPDATE: See  2018-10-18    A Time-Line on “Monsanto Milk” (rBGH) reveals . . . – – – – – – – – – In memory of Senator Eugene Whelan, and the Whistle blowers. EXCERPT from the Senate Report, 1999: Recombinant bovine somatotropin is a non-therapeutic drug, produced by genetic engineering, which can increase milk production in […]

Sep 232018

RELATED: 2018-02-20 Monsanto, 168-page subpoena served on Avaaz demands names and addresses of Avaazers who have signed Monsanto campaigns 2016 and 2013 The man behind Avaaz, Ricken Patel, Canadian (Interview, CNN. Plus article, The Economist) In case you missed this…Dear Avaazers, Our hearing just ended, and the judge absolutely DESTROYED Monsanto’s subpoena on Avaaz!!!! He […]

Mar 082018

(This comes after Avaaz’s successes in challenging Monsanto, especially over re-licensing of Roundup in the EU.   In response, Monsanto uses the Justice system as a tool for tying up the time, energy and money of a target.  Civilians fund the Justice system.  California and Ontario are two jurisdictions that have enacted anti-SLAPP legislation.   I wonder […]

Feb 222018

re NAFTA:  It’s looking as though the Government is going to give up its insistence on keeping the ISDS clauses.   Hallelujah!  That will be a large win.   Maybe I will post something, AFTER knowing for certain.   (I am chagrined that (as I understand), the about-face is characterized as a concession to the demands of the […]

Jan 152018

I must be from a different planet!  I think it’s a huge problem for the Criminal Justice System that corporate offenders get off scot-free in too many cases. The lengthy Government Report on “What They Heard” from Canadians came out in May 2019 (Date modified: 2019-05-29).  There is no mention of the immunity from prosecution […]

Jul 292017
2017-07-28  How an Ontario mom fended off a $120K libel lawsuit over her Facebook posts,  CBC RELATED POSTINGS: 2016-07-29 ‘What law am I breaking?’ How a Facebook troll came undone 2015-09-30 Cyberbullying, an issue of free speech. Salman Rushdie, a guiding light.  2015-09-24 Urgent action needed to combat online (“cyber”) violence against women and girls, UN report Katie Mohammed has been awarded $7,500 in damages under Ontario’s anti-SLAPP laws. (Katie […]

Oct 202016
2016-10-20   University of Ottawa won't commit to investigating sexualized pub crawl

WARNING: This article contains graphic details Jacques Frémont, president of the University of Ottawa, says the university’s student federation is investigating the pub crawl. (Giacomo Panico/CBC) University of Ottawa administrators will not commit to investigating the organizers of a now cancelled annual pub crawl, during which students were reportedly encouraged to engage in sexual acts […]