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Apr 212024

The previous “For Your Selection” was  April 2024.

The Second SELECTION in APRIL, 2024     – – – – – – – – – – – –  –  –

I cannot wait until May to send you this first posting:  the thoughts of Alex Van Herk and Marco Van Huigenbos after they exited the Lethbridge Court House with their “guilty” verdict.

I had been crushed by the verdict.   THEY responded with the words of heroes.   I was lifted and inspired and proud:

2024-04-17  Coutts Three found guilty of mischief over $5,000 by jury, maintain moral position of protest The twelve jurors unanimously found all three men guilty. Robert Kraychik, Rebel News.

note:  I have been in Lethbridge and Calgary, 4 times I think,  in order to better assess first-hand for myself what’s going on.  All in all it’s an appalling miscarriage of justice.

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2024-04-21 This Is What The Globalists REALLY Fear. The Corbett Report.

James Corbett paints the details of a picture from Edmonton.  I love people who agree with me – – ha ha!  The Globalists and quaking.

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2024-04-20 The Man Who Would Be President. On seeking office instead of going fishing. By John Leake.

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2024-04-20 The U.S. Senate’s Eleventh-Hour Approval of The Warrantless Surveillance Program. With thanks to Reclaim the Net, by Ken Macon.

I don’t know how many young people have learned enough about the mechanisms of governance, to see this as the threat that it is.  The powers-that-be WISH it to be boring stuff  in a dull population!

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2024-04-18 Covid:   Another important day, the U.K. Parliament

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2024-04-16 Important legal case (I am Brook Jackson) has the potential to remove Pfizer’s immunity from lawsuits

Hallelujah!  Warriors popping up everywhere and for every opening.

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2024-04-16 Dr Masayasu Inoue, Molecular Pathology & Medicine:  Message for the World from Japan. Forewarning: Japan planning to introduce starting this fall … 8 minute youtube.

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If you missed the APRIL postings,  please click on  For Your Selection”,  April 2024.

There are important developments –What The Globalists REALLY Fear!!  Ha ha!

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The April selection included:

2024-04-14   Dr Aseem Malhotra, expert witness, court recording of his testimony in Helsinki District Court, Finland. It’s a wowser!

2024-01-10 Repeal Bill 36   the Health Professions & Occupations Act  (HPOA). B.C. First class tyranny.

BILL C-63, B.C., the Online Harms Act.  The worst assault on free speech in modern Canadian history

Do you wonder why all these court trials are on-going?

Nothing more than the would-be Tyrants desperate to hold onto power and control.  (Normally there is little push-back because people cannot afford to defend themselves in court.  The Government mis-calculated:  they didn’t reckon on crowd-funding.)

I believe we’re going to keep fighting for legitimate governance, peace and order,  AND  Item #1 above (Malhotra)  puts us on 3rd base, running for home:   2024-04-14   Dr Aseem Malhotra, expert witness, court recording of his testimony in Helsinki District Court, Finland. It’s a wowser!

Canadians are indebted to Sydney Fizzard and Kian Simone.  They stayed with the “Coutts Blockade” throughout the ordeal (2022), filming and collecting data.   They created the film  Trucker Rebellion:  The story of the Coutts Blockade.

Where would we be without their documentary evidence?   And without the reporting by Rebel News and citizen journalists of the on-going trials in Lethbridge,  all related to Coutts.   No wonder few people know the story.  Unconscionable disregard by the CBC and others.  Not just disregard.  When they DO report, the content is far from the standards expected of professional journalists.

11.    2024-02-08 Two of the Coutts Four released in a shocking twist in the case. The unravelling of the Coutts Four case. Troy Media, by Ray McGinnis.

12.   2024-02-13 Regarding the “Coutts 4” released on a Plea Deal:  2 YEARS without due process. 74 days in Solitary Confinement.

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13.   2024-04-13  Druthers Bill C-63:  I don’t want to spend LIFE in prison… please read

Bill C-63 could/would put the owner of Druthers in jail.   He writes on his own behalf – – I wonder if he’s ever done that before?   (Maybe it’s on my behalf, too!   Ha ha!)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –  – —

15.  Covid Clots.   Fibrin  and what causes an “oversupply” of fibrin?

Our bodies are amazing!  (Including the bodies of fellow creatures.)
Biochemistry   fi·brin  /ˈfībrən/  noun
an insoluble protein formed from fibrinogen during the clotting of blood. It forms a fibrous mesh that impedes the flow of blood.

The March postings provided the connection between the Covid Clots as experienced by Embalmers whose work is to prepare corpses for coffins. And the symptoms of Covid Clots as experienced by people still alive (Dr. Baun’s work).

And an intro for lay persons to Clotting comes through (item #2 above) Dr. Charles Hoffe – – his testimony to the NCI (National Citizens Inquiry).

Somewhere in all that is the word “fibrin”.  Imagine that!  Our bodies know to put “mesh” in a bleeding wound to stanch the flow of blood.  That’s the white casting that the Embalmers pull out of corpses – – looks like the blood clots (red castings of the blood vessels), but it’s white and stronger.  You need a tool like scissors to cut it.  And it’s WHITE, but looks like a blood clot.

Spike proteins make minuscule cuts.  Cuts bleed.  Fibrin is produced.  Millions of tiny perforations produce an “over-supply” of fibrin.  Seems logical to me.  I did a quick look on the Internet.   There’s some info on the “over-supply”.   I’ll have to look harder.  I didn’t see anything about body-wide internal bleeding caused by the spike protein.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


23.   2024-04-04 ‘Huge Win’: Court Rules Big Telecom Must Comply With State Environmental Laws. (EMF radiation)

24.   Quotes from “The Committed”, 2021, by Viet Thanh Nguyen


Apr 212024

by James Corbett
April 21, 2024

Would you like to see what the globalists really fear?

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OK, here’s a picture:

“What? A protest? Pffff. The controllers of the global conspiracy don’t care about a little protest, James,” you scoff, scrolling on to the next post in your never-ending feed of doomporn.

But if that is what you think when you see this picture, then you don’t understand this picture.

So, if you’re willing to forego your next dose of ragebait conspiritainment for a little while, bear with me while I explain what the global cabal lives in mortal fear of and what we can do to flip the script on the would-be rulers of the world.

Are you ready?

The picture that we looked at above—the one that depicts what the globalists really fear—is, as you have correctly surmised, a picture of a protest. So, let’s nail down some facts about that particular protest.

It took place on March 9, 2024.

It was part of a Canada-wide anti-WHO rally put on by Stand United, a group of activists in British Columbia who, according to their website, are “prepared to take appropriate actions to ensure our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Bill of Rights will be honoured here in Canada” and whose “major focus is on the signing of the upcoming WHO Treaty.”

The protest in the photograph took place in Edmonton, Alberta, and was hosted by Alberta4Liberty, which posted video of the event on its Facebook page.

The event consisted of a rally in which the assembled protesters:

  • played a game of “Is it 1984 or is it now?” (guessing whether various headlines were ripped from the pages of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four or from present-day Canadian newspapers);
  • listened to speeches by a variety of speakers; and
  • gathered on a street corner with their homemade “Exit the WHO” and “#STOPTHETREATY” signs.

You can watch the trailer for the event that was put out in advance of the protest and read the post that Alberta4Liberty made announcing and promoting the event on its aforementioned Facebook page, and you can even watch the full video of the speeches that the group posted the day after the rally.

So far, so seemingly staightforward. A handful of protesters made some signs and held a little “Exit the WHO” rally in Edmonton last month. Good for them.

. . . But why are we here talking about it, James? It’s not that big a deal, is it?


If you were going to speculate about why I’m drawing attention to this particular protest, you might guess that it has to do with the protest’s location. After all, as you may or may not know, I’m Albertan myself, so perhaps I’m just excited to see some fellow Albertans standing up to the WHO tyranny at long last.

And, if that is your guess, then . . . .congratulations! You’re technically correct. (The best kind of correct!)

What prompted me to stop scrolling through my own never-ending feed of doomporn and click on the article about the protest—”Protesters surround CTV demanding coverage of WHO pandemic treaty” posted on The Counter Signal on March 11, 2024—was indeed the fact that it was an article about an Exit the WHO protest in Edmonton.

But that isn’t why we’re talking about the protest.

No. This is why we’re talking about this protest:

Do you see that? No? Let me zoom in on it for you:

That’s right: CTV.

The protesters weren’t protesting outside some government building or bureaucratic office. They weren’t protesting outside Alberta Health Services or the provincial legislature. They were protesting at CTV.

For the non-Canadians in my audience, CTV is Canada’s largest privately owned television network and is a major news source for many Canadians.

As the above-linked The Counter Signal article explains:

Edmonton protesters gathered outside a CTV building demanding coverage of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) plans for a legally binding global pandemic treaty.

So, what was the result of this action? Did the protests end up on the evening news?


But here we are talking about it.

I know that doesn’t sound miraculous at first blush, so let me spell it out for you. The fact that we are here taking a moment to focus on this protest tells us two things:

  1. You (and many, many people like you) no longer have your news dictated to you by CTV or CBC or the equivalent television networks in your country.
  2. Protesters are finally starting to recognize the importance of the most powerful weapon in the world.

“Huh? What’s the most powerful weapon in the world?” you ask.

Patience! I respond. We’re getting to that!

. . . But first, let’s take a second to appreciate the import of point number one.

In order to better appreciate that point, let’s turn to a recent comment on In this comment, Corbett Report member b887 explains why it’s so important that we are here in this digital space looking at information the establishment media doesn’t want to talk about.

Sometimes I forget how informed we are here.

We see the bankers instigating wars, we see the puppets being selected to carry out these orders, we see the poison being added to the processed foods, we see the neurotoxins in the tap water…

The other day a coworker asked me why I collect my own spring water when the tap water is “clean”. I gently mentioned that I can’t trust the tap water in America and then I brought up the Flouride lawsuit against the EPA.

He didn’t look up the information I was telling him, he didn’t ask me where I heard about this, he didn’t care where I heard it, he just assumed I was crazy and changed the subject.

That’s why I appreciate New World Next Week, thanks for the upload

You see, it wasn’t that long ago that if something wasn’t being covered by the establishment media—either in the newspaper or on the major TV or radio networks—there was almost no chance that people would even know about it. But this is 2024, and things have changed completely. Despite the fact that the WHO proposed pandemic agreement is being almost completely ignored by the dinosaur press, people are nonetheless aware of it.

Oh sure, there are always those who will turn away from this information or choose to ignore it, but here we are talking about it anyway. Not only that, but we’re forming national protest movements and coordinating days of action around a topic that most people have never seen on TV or read about in the paper.

Can we all take a moment to appreciate what a drastic shift this represents?

OK, on to point number two.

“Don’t leave us hanging, James. What is the most powerful weapon in the world?”


Do you recall my 2020 article on “How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!)“?

No? Well, the link’s right there. Go ahead, click it!

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with that article, you’ll know that the most powerful weapon ever invented is narrative. After all, as I pointed out four years ago:

With a gun you can kill a man. With a bomb you can kill a family. With a nuke you can level a city. But with a story you can control the world.

So, let’s think about the significance of an “Exit the WHO” movement deciding to hold a protest at the local CTV offices.

Protesting media silence on the WHO’s machinations (or on any other taboo topic) is an overt acknowledgment of the fact that the media propagandists don’t simply tell us what to think about the news of the day. They tell us what to think about, period. If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound? And if a WHO pandemic agreement is about to be signed in Geneva and the TV talking heads don’t mention, will the public know it’s even happening?

And so it makes perfect sense for a group of protesters to concentrate their efforts not on the phoney, corrupt politicians, but on the people who really matter. The general public. And how do you reach the people? Why, through the media, of course. Thus, we have a protest outside CTV.

It’s perfectly logical and a fitting recognition of the fact that it is general public opinion, not some rigged political process, that really matters when it comes to effecting change in society.

But there’s an even deeper level to this protest. The very fact that these protesters are gathered together outside the CTV offices, demonstrating about something they didn’t hear about on CTV, proves that we no longer need CTV—or any of CTV’s dinosaur media brethren—anymore.

We are informing each other.

We are organizing ourselves.

We are writing our own narrative.

Welcome to the globalists’ greatest fear.


As it turns out, what the establishment really fears is what they have always feared: the masses—you and I—waking from our slumber and realizing that we don’t need to listen to the media talking heads to know what to think about. That we don’t need the oligarchs and their control system to run our lives for us.

This is why the powers-that-shouldn’t-be invest so much of their time, energy, resources and political capital in propagandizing the public: to stop us from coming together and setting our own agenda.

A perfect case in point manifested itself over a decade ago, when both the Tea Party and the Occupy protesters, alarmed over the global financial crisis, pointed the finger at the real threat to humanity: the banksters. Distubed at the existential threat that these two movements represented to their system of control, the kakistocrats mustered all the resources at their disposal—including, of course, the bought-and-paid-for talking heads and propagandists of the mockingbird media—to derail them, using classic divide-and-rule tactics.

What’s truly remarkable is that the Tea Party and Occupy had essentially the same correct diagnosis of our societal conundrum—namely, that the unelected, unaccountable, too-big-to-jail banksters are looting our economy and threatening civilization itself for their own benefit and that the politicians who are supposed to “regulate” these entities are in fact beholden to them. What’s even more remarkable is that, within a few short years, both movements had been completely neutralized.

How? They were split along the fake left/right divide, with “Teabaggers” becoming a punchline among the trendy, Daily Show-consuming liberal Occupiers while the Tea Party—having been hijacked by the Republican Party and its donors—began spending more time fighting the “dirty hippies” in Occupy than confronting the banksters themselves.

Then, suddenly, the woke culture wars came along, completely displacing any talk about banksters and revolution. The partisan masses, having been pitted against each other by Woke Hollywood, by right-wing radio and by Mainstream Alternative Media, have all but forgotten where real power in society lies—much less how close we once were to making our power count.

But now all that is changing. And that change is apparent in this picture:

Scoff if you will, but your incredulity only belies your inability to understand the nature of the change that is taking place around us.

As b887 says: “Sometimes I forget how informed we are here.”

Well, it’s time to take note of how informed we really are. It’s time to realize that we are in the midst of a truly revolutionary period. It’s time to appreciate the fact that, as Zbigniew Brzezinski once fretted:

For the first time in human history almost all of humanity is politically activated, politically conscious and politically interactive. There are only a few pockets of humanity left in the remotest corners of the world that are not politically alert and engaged with the political turmoil and stirrings that are so widespread today around the world. The resulting global political activism is generating a surge in the quest for personal dignity, cultural respect and economic opportunity in a world painfully scarred by memories of centuries-long alien colonial or imperial domination.

Brzezinski—himself a toadie currying favour with the establishment—understood this global political awakening as a threat.

But we know better. We know it represents our inevitable victory.

We are only starting to understand our power. We may be protesting outside CTV today, but tomorrow we will prove that CTV is completely unnecessary. We will have replaced it.

And, once we push this revolution through to its logical conclusion and stop ceding our power and authority to the banksters and their globalist technocratic minions, we will be unstoppable.

The answer to divide-and-rule is remarkably simple: unite and win. And that, in the final equation, is what the globalists fear most.

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Apr 202024

With thanks to Dianne.

Morning Sandra

This came this morning from John Leake.  I know and admire all of the men that gathered last night.  I found this piece thought provoking and I thought that you might be interested in it.   Enjoy,  D.

From: “John Leake from Courageous Discourse™ with Dr. Peter McCullough & John Leake” <>   ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏      ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏       Scroll through the blank white spots  – – –   ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏      ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­͏     ­

The Man Who Would Be President

On seeking office instead of going fishing.

John Leake
Apr 20



Last night, here in Los Angeles, I had dinner Drs. Pierre Kory, Ryan Cole, and Brian Hooker, and we were all pleasantly surprised when presidential candidate, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. found the time to join us. He was curious to know what we are seeing in the realm of public health, and he expressed special concern about various signals that the incidence of cancer is rising, especially among young people.

Critics of Kennedy have told me he gets too much in the weeds about particular policy issues, and is inclined to lose sight of the big political and social picture. I am aware of the longstanding idea that intellectuals are not well-suited to holding high political office.

This criticism of RFK, Jr. might have some merit IF we had an honest and functioning administrative class in Washington and an incumbent president with a basic understanding of what is going on.

Now the United States finds itself embroiled in all kinds of needless high drama and crises. To understand the folly of it, one needs to be equipped with a mind that can see through all of the obfuscation and obscurantism that veils the truth of these issues.

Apart from his earnest intensity, the other thing that struck me about RFK, Jr. is that he’s exceptionally strong and fit for a man of any age, and he recently turned seventy. The contrast he makes with the senescent specter known as “Joe Biden” couldn’t be more striking.

Biden probably won’t campaign much, but will occasionally attempt to read a teleprompter. Kennedy, on the other hand, is going to have to work very hard. He will need every ounce of fitness, strength, and energy he’s got.

This morning, over coffee, I read an essay by Jeffrey Tucker titled “The Regime That Doesn’t Care” in the Epoch Times. Tucker refers to a historical precedent that I’ve often thought bears an eery resemblance to the U.S. government today. As he wrote:

I have been reading “The Vampire Economy” by German economist and financier Gunter Reimann, published in 1939 (and which I scanned and uploaded with the author’s permission).

The book was written as the Nazi Party had gained full control of government (and everything else) and the full war in Europe was about to commence with the German invasion of Poland.

Reimann brilliantly dissects the reality of a regime that cared nothing for the spreading suffering of the people.

Nazi leaders in Germany do not fear possible national economic ruin in wartime,” he writes. “They feel that, whatever happens, they will remain on top, that the worse matters become, the more dependent on them will be the propertied classes. And if the worst comes to the worst, they are prepared to sacrifice all other interests to maintain their hold on the State. If they themselves must go, they are ready to pull the temple down with them.

The passage reminded me of the anecdote that—as it became clear the German military was going to fail in Russia—Hitler remarked that the end was perhaps going to be like Wagner’s opera Götterdämmerung—”Twilight of the Gods”—in which war breaks out between the gods that results in Valhalla going up in flames.

I read this anecdote thirty years ago in Joachim Fest’s biography of Hitler, and it has stuck with me ever since. I’ve often thought about it since the beginning of the Ukraine war, along with the terrible perception that there are people in Washington who do not fear nuclear war because they don’t care about humanity.

Shortly after Hitler came to power in Germany, one of his comrades remarked that much of the German aristocracy was alarmed by the Nazi Party’s radical excesses. Hitler replied something like the following:

None of these old guys have the stomach for politics. All they want to do is retire to their country estates and go fishing. Thus, all we have to do is convince them that we will protect them from the socialists and communists who want to seize their property, and they’ll give us their approval.

Currently, the American propertied class continues to remain fairly insulated from the grave and gathering dangers of DEBT, WAR, INFLATION and the criminal racketeering of the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex that is busy trying to produce another Pandemic Drama. The levitating stock market has done much to maintain this insulation. Propertied Baby Boomers may soon be in for a very rude awakening.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Donald Trump certainly have the personal resources to retire and go fishing. I applaud both of them for having the stomach to seek the office of the presidency.

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Apr 202024
Reclaim the Net is from London UK.  They crossed my radar screen a few years ago – – addressing the takeover of the Internet in ways that I wanted to know about.  Free Speech and Surveillance are central to their motivations.  They continue to provide quality input.
Tag-line:  If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian threats against civil liberties, subscribe to Reclaim The Net.
And now for one of today’s offerings.   Lordy!  I hope “enough of us” understand – – these are red alerts. 
  The U.S. Senate’s Eleventh-Hour Approval of The Warrantless Surveillance Program.
Another loss for privacy and respecters of the constitution.

In the late hours of Friday, the US Senate approved the extension of the contentious FISA warrantless surveillance program, narrowly averting its expiration at the stroke of midnight. Effectively confirmed is what advocates describe as a fundamental pillar of America’s foreign intelligence-gathering procedures and civil liberties groups see it as a Fourth Amendment violation that has yet to be properly challenged.

Senate majority leader and Democrat, Chuck Schumer, extolled this bipartisan decision: “Democrats and Republicans came together and did the right thing for our country’s safety.” He addressed the concerns surrounding the program’s expiration emphatically: “We all know one thing: letting FISA expire would be dangerous. It’s an important part of our national security, to stop acts of terror, drug trafficking, and violent extreme extremism.”

(I, Sandra, removed the breakdown of which Senators voted in favor (or against) the controversial FISA renewal.  My audience is mainly Canadian.)

While valuable for various factions, the FISA legislation has been the bane for numerous Republicans and Democrats, premised on the perception that it infringes on the constitutional right to privacy of Americans.

The journey of the bill towards legislation was anything but smooth, facing resistance from House Republicans who departed from their party stance and blocked the bill thrice in the preceding five months. The tide turned last week in favor of the House passing the bill with a decisive vote count of 273-147 after the proposed span of the program was truncated from five years to a mere two years.

The impending “risk” of not securing the FISA reauthorization, which was a reactionary product spawned in the aftermath of the dreaded 9/11 events, was urgently flagged by top-level Powers from multiple channels including the White House, intelligence bigwigs, and the chief members of the House intelligence committee.

Detractors of the program, however, cite worries linked to the program’s lack of legal checks.

While warrantless surveillance is only supposed to be carried out on non-citizens, time and time again, despite promises to stop, US citizens have been caught in the warrantless surveillance system.


Apr 182024

You absolutely SHOULD watch the interviews of these men.   My admiration for them ratchets up yet higher.

A jury found the Coutts Three – Marco Van Huigenbos, Alex Van Herk, and George Janzen – guilty of mischief over $5,000 on Tuesday in Lethbridge, Alberta.

The three men were charged with having committed the crime for their involvement in the 2022 Coutts protest and blockade, which, at times, blocked traffic on Alberta Highway 4 in both directions near the Coutts-Sweetgrass Canada-U.S. border crossing.

The Coutts border protest and blockade took place concurrently with the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, ON, with the two peaceful demonstrations incorporating civil disobedience in opposition to governmental decrees, edicts, and mandates ostensibly imposed upon Canadians for “public health” purposes to reduce COVID-19 transmission.

The twelve jurors unanimously found all three men guilty. The prosecution held that the protest unlawfully obstructed people’s access to property, specifically Alberta Highway 4.


Canada’s Criminal Code defines mischief as follows in Section 430:

Every one commits mischief who wilfully

  • (a) destroys or damages property;

  • (b) renders property dangerous, useless, inoperative or ineffective;

  • (c) obstructs, interrupts or interferes with the lawful use, enjoyment or operation of property; or

  • (d) obstructs, interrupts or interferes with any person in the lawful use, enjoyment or operation of property.

The first sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 22. The maximum penalty for commission of mischief over $5,000 is five years of imprisonment.

After the verdict was rendered, the three men told Rebel News they did what was right in Coutts in opposition to a tyrannical government violating Canadian constitutional rights and freedoms. At the time of the protest, the demonstrators demanded an end to the above-mentioned governmentally-imposed decrees, orders, and mandates. The three men stated they had no regrets over their participation in the 2022 Coutts protest.

Marco Van Huigenbos maintained the distinction between legality and morality, noting that the two concepts are not synonymous.

Dozens of persons – mostly friends and family of Van Huigenbos, Van Herk, and Janzen – attended the trial’s proceedings on its final day.

Apr 182024

With thanks to Dan for finding.

(Sandra speaking)  This link worked for me:

Forward to around the 14:30:32 marker;  it runs to about 17:21:00

Whoo!  Good people with strong wills manage to get a debate about covid out of the closet and into the U.K. House of Commons!  Back-benchers with some Ministers in attendance.  Onto the Parliamentary records.   I was surprised by the quality of input from a couple of the later speakers.  Well done!

Thank-you to the initiator, Member-of-Parliament (UK)   Andrew Bridgen MP   @ABridgen

Today is the day, another historic debate on the Covid-19 pandemic response and trends in excess deaths. This will be the first full length debate on this subject in the House of Commons chamber, which followed the resounding successes of my adjournment debate and Westminster Hall debate. Tune in on Parliament TV or BBC Parliament from around 2:30 pm.

The MP concluded with:

Given the evidence, I call on the Government to immediately suspend the use of all mRNA products in both humans and animals.” –  @ABridgen.    Dan adds:that the media will not cover!

Dr Tess Lawrie   @lawrie_dr

This statement was followed by massive cheers from the audience and people outside of Parliament.

Stunned silence from the present MPs. You can watch the debate live here:

(Sandra:  try this direct link: )


=  = = = = = = = = = = = = = =





Apr 172024

IMPORTANT— One of the most significant legal cases in the world right now:

Landmark case in US starting May 1st. It has the potential to remove Pfizer’s immunity from lawsuits from those injured and the families of those killed by the Covid mRNAa gene therapy. Please read the thread as it has important information on why this is such an important case.