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. . .   You checked into thimerosal – – is it still used in vaccines?

I recommend that you consult a more reliable source than the FDA!   “Regulatory capture” by corporations is a huge problem.  Especially by Big Pharma.

Further,  the ingredients in vaccines shift and change;  thimerosal is not the only mind-bending ingredient – – by far!  More on that below.

Regardless of the Industry, steps will be taken to undermine public discourse about their product, if it’s negative.  It is remarkable how mere Reassurances work for them, even in the face of glaring inconsistencies.  “safe”, “most highly regulated”, . . .  Tobacco.  LeadMercury. A long list of chemicals and pharmaceuticals.   It takes decades to get the poisons addressed because businesses and investors and governments are making money on them.  Jobs are associated.  Costs are “externalized”.  The public picks up the associated health bills, costs of  environmental de-contamination, restoration – – if it ever happens.

Moving past mere reassurance: undermine, confuse the dialogue.  Use the example of Mercury (Hg) – – the most toxic of the elements in the periodic table.

Mercury becomes something different, something “not mercury”.  Ethyl mercury.  Methylmercury.  Don’t you know?!  we get mercury poisoning from FISH, not mercury amalgams.  Fish are the cuplrits, even if you don’t eat fish.

We can outlaw some mercury (United Nations, Minimata Convention, effective 2017-08-16

as long as there isn’t a large vested financial interest in its continuance among the wealthy.  It goes unregulated, unenforced.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minamata_Convention_on_Mercury

The Minamata Convention provides controls over a myriad of products containing mercury, the manufacture, import and export of which will be altogether prohibited by 2020,[3] except where countries have requested an exemption for an initial 5-year period.[needs update] These products include certain types of batteries, compact fluorescent lamps, relays, soaps and cosmetics, thermometers, and blood pressure devices. Dental fillings which use mercury amalgam are also regulated under the convention, and their use must be phased down through a number of measures.

My optometrist recently suggested eye drops and quickly pointed out that the ones on offer are without mercury.  For a very long time not only eye drops, but the wetting solution for contact lenses contained mercury.   Not labeled.   Methylmercury is known to accumulate in retinal photoreceptors with serious consequences for vision.  Ah but, we only get mercury from eating those damn fish.  UNTIL today – – too many people share information.   If you are aware,  you will not use eye products that contain mercury.  The last time I checked, the use of mercury in vaccines has been discontinued in most vaccines, but not the flu vaccine.  Maybe it has been – – they never make a statement saying “The industry stopped using mercury in flu vaccines”.  (more, below)


RE the Lysol injection.   Did you deliberately bait me?!   (your statement  Not so sure the Lysol injection would be funny?  YIKES!)

I assumed the statement was related to the adjuvants/attenuants used in vaccines, one of which is borax.  I didn’t know about Trump’s statement related to using Lysol to fight covid.

To remind people,   So how are the vaccines made?

I remember from 2017 when I was curious about the ingredients in vaccines.  Coincidentally, at the time there was a Health Canada warning to parents to avoid using borax . . . can cause “developmental and reproductive health effects” in children and pregnant women. . . .

(a short while later)   in an update posted to Health Canada’s website this week, the agency says it is concerned about Canadians’ exposure to all forms of boric acid.

I had just looked at an Appendix 3: Components of vaccines used in the National Immunisation Program (Australian Govt website)  – – borax is an ingredient in all influenza vaccinesAnd in a Hep A paediatric/adolescent vaccine.


https://thewirecutter.com/blog/green-cleaning-truth-about-diy-cleaners/  (from 2016)

Borax is not harmless

A lot of DIY cleaner recipes, from toilet bowl cleaners to laundry detergent, call for Borax. This compound is one of many sodium borate compounds. 20 Mule Team Borax, which most of these DIY recipes call for, is sodium tetraborate decahydrate (PDF). It’s used for a lot of things, such as killing cockroaches, moth-proofing wool, and making cellulose materials (such as cotton) flame-resistant. You can buy it at most grocery and/or big box stores.

Borax is naturally occurring—it comes from mines, the largest of which is in Boron, California. Because of this, people tend to think it’s not so dangerous, but it only takes an oral dose of about 5 to 6 grams to kill a child  – – – – (based on the density of 20 Mule Team Borax)

Sandra speaking:  in an update posted to Health Canada’s website this week, the agency says it is concerned about Canadians’ exposure to all forms of boric acid.  . . . Why would you be giving the flu vaccination (contains boric acid) to infants, starting at 6 months of age?  Their immune systems take years and years to reach maturity.)

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How could vaccine enough for a million babies ALL get contaminated with a pig virus?   I thought maybe the story was a hoax, so went to the manufacturer’s website.   They had posted a response.  The story is not a hoax, it happened:   http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=1115

I was pretty incensed, for not least reason:  the head doctor for the pediatricians’ organization in Canada was pushing the stuff.   The diarrhea symptom is a call to boost the baby’s immune system through clean water, good food, love, care and protection from the pharma predators.

Who happen to be the same people who killed those kids in Nigeria through surreptitious and illegal human-testing of their drug Travon:   Patients became unwitting guinea pigs for a new, untested antibiotic and many of them either died or were left with permanent disabilities.   It’s the story told in John le Carré’s The Constant Gardener and a movie by the same name.  The book pre-dated broad public knowledge.  A Lawsuit brought by the Government of Nigeria against Pfizer, was eventually settled out-of-court with confidentiality clauses … of course.    http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=4415.

So how are the vaccines made?   Besides the info in one of the presentations (Vaccines Revealed), a book  The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks  by Rebecca Skloot  is excellent in the way of a story and contributes to understanding.    Henrietta, long dead, became immortal because cells from her body are still multiplying in labs and production plants around the world.

Roughly speaking (I do not claim to have more than a little understanding) – and with CLARIFICATION:  Henrietta Lacks is a cancer story not a vaccines story) – –    vaccines are a combination of genetic and other material.  Invisible organisms.  Grown and multiplying (as cells do) but under tightly-controlled laboratory conditions.

There are millions/trillions of airborne microscopic organisms everywhere that can contaminate the stew – so development of some pharmaceuticals is done inside sealed vacuums.  Anyone who enters premises has to be de-contaminated.  If contamination does happen, the unwanted organisms just grow and multiply along with the intended ingredients.

A pig virus can infect a million doses of vaccine because they become inseparable from the stew.  Don’t even know they’re there.  If you don’t know there’s a contaminant in the stew why, and for what, would you test?

A process in the production of vaccines is ATTENUATION.  Understand it, in order to understand the risk factors.  Attenuation is:

A dilution, thinning, or weakening of a substance, especially a reduction in the virulence of a pathogen through REPEATED INOCULATION, growth in a different culture medium, or exposure to heat, light, air OR OTHER WEAKENING AGENTS.

Vaccines often contain the pathogen, in one form or another,  that causes the symptoms.  You cannot do “repeated inoculation” on human beings starting with the fully virulent pathogen.   So how is the attenuation done?

As I understand from Vaccines Revealed,  one way is to do the repeated inoculations to a series of monkeys, in which case the blood with the weakened pathogen in it, carries organisms found in animals, into the human being.

(I thought the lesson from the transmission of mad cow disease to humans in the form of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease was:  you do not even feed cooked beef to humans, if the cattle received any kind of ground-up animal in their diets.)

But more to the point: (from PDF, U.S. National Institute of Health website):

From 1955 through early 1963, millions of people were inadvertently exposed to simian virus 40 (SV40) as a contaminant of poliovirus vaccines;  the virus had been present in the monkey kidney cultures used to prepare the vaccines and had escaped detection.

(The simian (macaque) monkey virus is associated with cancer.)

Another method of attenuation is to add a weakening agent like borax.

I was curious about borax.  Mr. Google helped me:   Cripes.

(CTV News, July 26, 2016 ):

Health Canada is advising Canadians to avoid using borax to make kids’ arts and crafts, such as homemade “slime,” over concerns that too much exposure to all forms of boric acid can cause “developmental and reproductive health effects” in children and pregnant women.

. . .   in an update posted to Health Canada’s website this week, the agency says it is concerned about Canadians’ exposure to all forms of boric acid.

A recent draft risk assessment completed by Health Canada scientists found that too much exposure to boric acid has the potential to cause developmental and reproductive health effects.

“Since Canadians are already exposed to boric acid naturally through their diets and water, Health Canada is advising that exposure from other sources should be reduced as much as possible, especially for children and pregnant women,” the agency said in the update.

“The concern is not with any one product, but rather multiple exposures from a variety of sources.” 

(and might we add – –  GOD FORBID!- –  that some vaccines contain borax?   Did they order that any and all vaccines containing borax must be thrown out?)

April 15, 2017:   I did a quick look for a government website that documents the use of borax in vaccines.   This from  Australia, an alphabetical listing by component, with the vaccine name brand and the associated pathogen.

You see the different forms of aluminum (neurotoxic),  formaldehyde (no thanks!) – – but in a wide arrange of vaccines, MSG (another surprise),  polysorbate …  and this for Borax:

Appendix 3: Components of vaccines used in the National Immunisation Program

Page last updated: 06 March 2017

Borax/sodium borate:

Vaqta              Hepatitis A             (HAV) paediatric/adolescent

 All influenza vaccines

Agrippal         Influenza  


Poisons by direct injection.   Into babies.

The end point is this:

  • knowing that the pathogens MUST be attenuated in the vaccine, what do you choose to have injected into your body or your child’s body?
  • Injection of the vaccine directly into your blood, bypasses the body’s immune systems. (Th1 and Th2 arms of the immune system are explained in layperson terms in Episode 7, I think it was.)

Episode 6 had the story of the ANTHRAX VACCINATION.  U.S. Military.  Tragedy and heartbreak on a colossal scale.  (I had investigated the ANTHRAX story prior to seeing it in the docu-series.)  

. . .    Our soldiers facing an order that they determined was illegal and immoral.  (Mandatory anthrax vaccination)  Witness the horror of human experimentation, all the while repeating, “This Vaccine is Safe”

I vented my emotional response by writing in the Comments:

You assembled and coordinated a large team of whistleblowers.  Bless you all.  Dig out the corruption.

News: 12 people killed by terrorists.

The American military leaders did several thousand times better than that. I still wonder if the number can be right – – 35,000 killed by the anthrax vaccination? It is so incomprehensible. 

The military leaders are dangerous — the sometimes quick, sometimes long, strung-out deaths suffered by their victims, in this case THEIR OWN SOLDIERS are cruel. Slow torture.

If it’s terrorists – send some drones, drop some bombs, knock ’em out. There’ll be some terrorists in the neighborhood. Helps keep everyone employed, paying taxes and saving the world for democracy.

I remember the footage of Hillary Clinton’s gleeful reaction to the news that the bombs had started falling on Libya. Frankly, I think there are more than a few badly-corrupted souls in high places.

But we don’t have to bomb them, just vaccinate them (and their neighbors) for “safety and security”.

The anthrax vaccination helps explain something else.

Episode 6 of Vaccines Revealed included the Worldwide Premier of the movie VACCINE SYNDROME.

After watching it,  I believe there is more to the arrival of the Veterans (4,000 of them) at Standing Rock.

The Gulf War Syndrome was more accurately the Vaccine Syndrome caused by the vaccine for Anthrax.   A million military and other first responders were forced to receive a number of injections of the vaccine,  with disastrous consequences for thousands and thousands.

When you know what happened, the deaths and the slow deaths – – lives, people and families totally ruined – – those people then ignored,  discarded veterans in the gutter  – – you know that thousands upon thousands of people who would, under normal circumstances, be proud and patriotic supporters of their military buddies,  were no longer.

They went to Standing Rock with the original intention of taking up arms against the very forces they were once part of (“conversion”), on behalf of the Indians who were now their brothers.   The Sioux Elders took the Veterans from violent means to non-violent resistance, which is the route to success – – people are “converted” to the view that the injustices inflicted by the Empire are shared and widespread.   They join forces against the regime.

We have “conversion”, big time.

I posted an update on:

2016-12-29 Role of Conversion in revolution. Four thousand veterans come to fight for the Indians against the U.S. Military at Standing Rock. Wesley Clark Jr., Chris Hedges.

Is it a sequence we know?

  • they did it to the Indians. But we were not Indians.
  • they did it to the Soldiers. The Soldiers recognized they were the Indians and went to help.
  • But we were not Soldiers OR Indians.

Guess what?   In the U.S.  there are currently huge fights against mandatory vaccination.  Some States have passed laws:  unvaccinated children are not allowed to attend schools.  Healthcare workers lose their jobs if they don’t get vaccinated.   Flu vaccinations from age 6 months on upward (borax).  . . .  (as I say, in some States).

Simultaneously there are serious questions about vaccine efficacy raised by science and the historical record (epidemics that have come and gone without any vaccines,  the role of clean water and good food, the body’s immune system – – disease trends that were on the decline prior to introduction of the vaccine, but the vaccine is credited with the decline, and so on).

Vaccines Revealed reported that vaccines are not mandatory in named countries including Australia and Canada.   I notice in the Comments,  several Australians corrected the information:  it used to be the case.   It is no longer true in Australia.

The situation in Canada?   you can get a sense by doing an internet search on the phrase “vaccinations in Canada”.   The Provinces are divided on the issue.  There is a 2015 report of doctors lobbying to make them mandatory.

Especially with Big Pharma allowed to do “pull-through” advertising (which wasn’t allowed in the past) it is not a good idea to have those who make money from the vaccinations allowed anywhere near such decisions.

Officials “float” ideas, testing the water.   The best way to sink orthodoxy is with science that is not undermined by fraud, or obsolete in a rapidly-evolving world.

Learn about vaccinations and have conversations with fellow citizens, regardless of where they sit.  Officials will back off, OR a campaign to discredit the particular scientists will be mounted, OR there will be a large new propaganda campaign to promote vaccinations.

Big Pharma is transnational.  What gets rolled out in one country gets rolled out in others, given time.  IF they can get away with it.   Rest assured they are trying.

If the Americans are fighting hard against mandatory vaccination (have been for a few years now), if Australians are realizing they have a problem on their hands,  my best advice:  get talking!

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(skip)  WHO TODAY OWNS  20 Mule Team Borax?  (borax, an attenuant in vaccine production)

Without going into the permutations, with thanks to Wikipedia – –

In July 2017, Dial relocated its headquarters . .  to Stamford, Connecticut in order to consolidate its operations with Sun Products and be closer to parent Henkel’s North American headquarters (Henkel Corporation) in Rocky Hill, Connecticut. After consolidation, the business was renamed Henkel North American Consumer Goods.


Henkel’s Consumer Goods brands include:  (a long list, excerpts:)

  • All (laundry detergent)
  • Boraxo (cleaning products)
  • 20 Mule Team Borax (cleaning products)



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