May 082019

Sent to CBC,  The Current,  re the first interview on May 8th (link not yet working). “It’s not fair that TB is still in Canada.”  One Nunavut woman on life with the disease.   MY FEEDBACK TO THE CBC: Jen Skerritt,Winnipeg Free Press, did a 6-part series on tuberculosis in 2009. There are shocking statements […]

Feb 182012

Maria seeks information;  people are worried there might be tuberculosis in the community.   See 2012-02-19  Tuberculosis. Request for info. Input for people in Guatemala. TUBERCULOSIS,  WHAT TREATMENT DID I USE? I had an active, but not-yet-contagious case of TB, six years ago (2005).  I did not use the drugs used to treat TB.  The following […]

Nov 192009

This email is about infectious disease (H1N1 example) and the pharmaceutical corporations. You can interchange the phrases: – “pharmaceutical corporations” – “nuclear/uranium corporations” – “the oil and gas corporations”, – “the arms manufacturers” (Lockheed Martin example at Dalhousie University) etc. They are all “on-campus”.  The lessons are the same, regardless of the industry.  This one […]

Apr 062009

NOTE 1:   In 2007 the news of the criminal charges against Pfizer (for murder, as far as I am concerned)  was not heard in western countries.  It was eclipsed by a same-day scare-story about tuberculosis,  see: 2007-06-01  Tuberculosis story improbable ??  Same day, Nigerian Government brings criminal charges against Pfizer. NOTE 2:  The book and movie, “The Constant […]

Jun 012007

If you know of a web-site that deals with the frauds of the pharmaceutical companies, please forward this to it.  When I read today’s story (G & M) about the tuberculosis scare it seems concocted. This TB superbug scare story comes on the same day as media coverage of  criminal charges against Pfizer brought by […]