May 022024

Hey Lyle, thanks for sending! (Sandra speaking):  We cannot thrive with the levels of corruption. HOWEVER!  take a look at some citizen videos that have sprouted up around these diesel – electric heavy haul trucks.  The creativity and success of these young creators is fun and contagious. They unequivocally love this PLACE in which we […]

Apr 242024

I like Robert De Niro’s  definition of  DEMOCRACY:   knowing right from wrong.  And doing it.   (not his precise words.) ROUSING An anthem for warriors in all walks of life, to stand up for what we believe for the sake of humanity and our children. The song was written, arranged, and produced by Top 10 producer, […]

Apr 082024

  Very important testimony.  Among other things,  Dr Hoffe provides the starting ground for understanding the CLOTTING effects of the spike protein.  That understanding unfolds further through other people:  next the Embalmers and then Dr. Baun’s use of blood thinners. Dr. Charles Hoffe – May 03, 2023 – Vancouver, British Columbia

Feb 102024
2019-06-28  A Korean-Canadian opera singer rediscovers her voice in small-town Saskatchewan​, CBC

The Sunday Magazine CBC Radio When Jaesook Ahn moved to Eastend, Sask., she thought her singing career was over. Now, she’s regaining her voice. (David Gutnick/CBC/Submitted by Jaesook Ahn ) Originally published on Sept. 9, 2018. When Jaesook Ahn was growing up in South Korea, she dreamed of becoming an opera singer and of performing […]

May 292022

Say the same thing, use different words:   From the viewpoint of God: “The supremacy of God”   From the viewpoint of human beings: “Human beings are not Gods” (We get into trouble when human beings think they are Gods.)   To me,  the two statements are different sides of the same coin. They mean […]

Apr 242022
2022-04-   A 4 minute video on the purpose of life.  Alan Watts (The Art of Zen),  "Life is not a Journey" presented by "After Skool"     As I understand, this is a recording of Watts, with animation done by After Skool. Posted Sep 6, 2017,   5,089,339 views as of April 24, 2022 People of my generation may be more familiar with the name From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Alan Watts Born Alan Wilson Watts 6 January 1915 Chislehurst, Kent, […]

Oct 082021

Looks like conspiracy stuff. I think it’s actually a consequence of the ATTITUDE of The Big Boys (who are really Very Little, Impoverished Boys) The name of a blog or website has to be registered, in order for traffic to be directed to it.  An annual fee is paid to a Domain Name company.  It’s […]

Sep 102021

“It is easier to perceive error than to find truth, for error lies on the surface while truth lies in the depths, where few are willing to search for it.” Copied, I know not from where: Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (August 28, 1749 – March 22, 1832) was a German poet, playwright, novelist and scientist. […]