Sep 192021

Subject: Thousands at Toronto Rally yesterday. Report from friend on yesterday’s rally in Toronto FABULOUS rally & speeches & march in Toronto yesterday. Best ever!!! Rocco Galati spoke. Byram Bridle. Police officers. Nurses. An MD (or 2). Great crowd – tons of information being shared, eg. by Take Action Canada & Vaccine Choice Canada. Great […]

Jun 022015

Banksters: Index If there wasn’t such appalling ignorance among legislators, Rocco Galati would not be tied up in court challenges.  (2015-05-30  News on Bill C-51. Court challenge. Lawyer Rocco Galati.) Galati made me wonder about “aware“.   Who is aware – – if I utter “Rocco Galati, COMER, Nadon, and now BIll C-51”  how many Canadians […]

Jun 022015

Banksters: Index For More information than below, see:  Website,  Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform (COMER): – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – Excellent, about COMER:   (2015-05-07)   Rocco Galati, […]

Jun 022015

By Ryan Maloney  Updated: 06/01/2015 11:59 am EDT  C-51 A ‘Fascist And Dictatorial Piece Of Legislation’ The constitutional lawyer who torpedoed Stephen Harper’s pick for the Supreme Court says he will contest the government’s anti-terror legislation in court, if it passes. Rocco Galati, who successfully challenged Harper’s choice of Justice Marc Nadon for the […]

Jun 012015

Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati Plans to challenge Bill C-51 in Federal court   (3 minutes, 49 seconds video)    Toronto,  Filmed by Derek Soberal Never say the battle is lost!! (I left a message on Mr. Galati’s office phone to say that I’d like to make a financial contribution.  Would be a wise and worthwhile investment, […]

Feb 052015
2015-02-05  Rocco Galati (COMER) wins another round of APPEAL re Bank Of Canada as funding source for public works.

Banksters: Index UPDATE:  the final appeal of the lower court decisions against the plaintiff was to the Supreme Court of Canada.  The SCC declined to hear the appeal.  The lower court decisions stand.   Thank-you to John Monroe (Comments) for pointing this out. February 5, 2015  by  Joe Martino. Recently, constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati won yet […]

Mar 242014   Marc Nadon cannot take his seat on the Supreme Court of Canada, the court’s justices said Friday, in an unprecedented move that blocks Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s latest appointment to the top court. In a six-to-one decision, a majority of justices on the top court ruled that Nadon doesn’t qualify to join them […]