Apr 042024
2024-04-04  ‘Huge Win’: Court Rules Big Telecom Must Comply With State Environmental Laws.  (EMF radiation)

I want YOU to know why this is a “Huge Win” from my point-of-view. Our network worked on EMF radiation starting in 2008.   The sharing of information meant that my nephew and his young family in Red Deer, AB did NOT buy a house with a high power transmission line running along the back alley.  […]

Jul 232022

Hi Carol, Many thanks for NOTICE OF MEETING (below).   I will be attending. Sandra = = = = FOR PEOPLE NEW TO THE ISSUE: 2008-10-07 Feedback: Letter from School Superintendent re high voltage transmission line 2008-11-19  EMFs: high-voltage transmission lines, Cancers, Alzheimers. Internationally. Nationally. Locally.      (https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=27295) Regarding bizarre, lethal cancers in children in […]

Jul 232022

” The high voltage transmission line  (HVTL) / cancer connection is solid for childhood leukemia, and very recently, a Swiss study has associated Alzheimer’s disease with residence near HVTs.  New HVTLs should not be located close to homes or schools.” … Dr. Sam Milham, La Quinta, California  (see #11 below) ———————- This is a continuation […]

Jul 232022

CONTENTS (1)  COMMENTARY (2)  RESPONSE FROM SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS, DELTA B.C. (3)  COPY OF THE EMAIL SENT TO THE SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT, ABOUT CANCER AMONG THE KIDS IN FURDALE (4)  ALL OUR COWARDICE AND SERVILITY   RELATED:    2008-11-19 EMFs: high-voltage transmission lines, Cancers, Alzheimers. Internationally. Nationally. Locally. ================ (1)  COMMENTARY   The Delta B.C. School […]

Sep 042021

See also Video,  2021-06-22 Four False Beliefs that Society is Built On – Bruce Lipton   The Biology of Belief,  Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles Quotes, with thanks to GoodReads: “Quantum physicists discovered that physical atoms are made up of vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating; each atom is […]

Aug 232019
2019-08-23  DFO will soon use satellites to fight illegal fishing worldwide,David Burke, CBC News

Ron writes: This may help the current overfishing situation.  More help will come when the indigenous people are given back their right to harvest the seals. = = = = = = = = = ‘I think that’s quite a critical mission for our department and for Canada,’ says federal official Illegal fishing takes place […]

Sep 092018
2018-09-08   Joseph Stiglitz on artificial intelligence: 'We’re going towards a more divided society',  The Guardian

  ‘All the worst tendencies of the private sector in taking advantage of people are heightened by these new technologies’ … Joseph Stiglitz. The technology could vastly improve lives, the economist says – but only if the tech titans that control it are properly regulated. ‘What we have now is totally inadequate’ by Ian Sample […]

Jul 312018
2018-07-30  The mysterious case of Alberta's rogue GMO wheat: Could it happen again?   Calgary Herald

The mysterious case of Alberta's rogue GMO wheat: Could it happen again?   (INSERT, Sandra:   Re “Could it (rogue GMO wheat) happen again? – –  There have already been rogue GMO flax and rogue GMO rice.   The information is in these postings: “Triffid” GM flax seed coming to you, compliments of the University of Saskatchewan […]

Apr 082018
2018-04-06  Researchers develop device that can 'hear' your internal voice, The Guardian

Researchers develop device that can ‘hear’ your internal voice New headset can listen to internal vocalisation and speak to the wearer while appearing silent to the outside world by Samuel Gibbs MIT’s AlterEgo headset can ‘hear’ internalised voices and speak to the user through a bone-conduction system. Photograph: Lorrie Lejeune/MIT Researchers have created a wearable […]