May 032024
2024-05-02  Alberta Community Justice Grant

#1   is the Alberta Govt page regarding Community Justice. #2 is news coverage by the Western Standard. The Govt of Danielle Smith is doing SOMEthing about the Justice system.  Is it ALL that needs to be done? The current situation, well-documented – – people cannot afford to defend themselves by using the court system – […]

May 022024

Hey Lyle, thanks for sending! (Sandra speaking):  We cannot thrive with the levels of corruption. HOWEVER!  take a look at some citizen videos that have sprouted up around these diesel – electric heavy haul trucks.  The creativity and success of these young creators is fun and contagious. They unequivocally love this PLACE in which we […]

Dec 152023

A whistleblower has recently come forward in Parliament with scathing allegations involving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s $1 billion green slush fund, including a nexus of corruption and coordinated efforts to cover it up. The cover-up indicated high-level conflicts of interest, taxpayer money squandering, gross mismanagement and evidence of a highly toxic work environment. “Nearly 200 companies have […]

Sep 152023

Some of the “COUTTS” COURT CASES IN LETHBRIDGE AB,  arising out of the FREEDOM CONVOY.  Egregious. Artur Pawlowski Marco Huigenbos “The Coutts 4”  (Chris Carbert, Anthony Olienick, Jerry Morin, and Christopher Lysak) Jaclyne Martin, the wife of Jerry Morin who is one of “The Coutts 4” “Coutts” was happening at the same time as the […]

Jul 112023

The EU Parliament heard an appeal re Canadian Artur Pawlowski.  But you heard that on “The News?”.  Right? UPDATE: Artur Pawlowski will be sentenced on August 9th, 2023,  Lethbridge Court House.  I will be there.   The largest display of support possible for Pawlowski is essential.  Do the Action Alerts (below), and/or Come to Lethbridge! From: […]

Nov 152021
2021-11-15  US coverup of Syria massacre shows the danger of the Assange precedent.

My Gosh.  The New York Times actually did the investigative journalism that brings this Syrian story to light.   Good on them. Many thanks to  Caitlin Johnstone, journalist, for placing it in context.  US coverup of Syria massacre shows the danger of the Assange precedent 15.11.21 – Melbourne, Australia – Caitlin Johnstone Julian Assange remains locked […]

Nov 042021

I am indebted to Brian Peckford.  He brought Dr. Ponesse to my attention. A professor of Ethics for 20 years, fired by Western University because of covid.  Listen to her! (The text of her speech can be found at Dr. Julie Ponesse | The Faith and Democracy Series

Nov 032021

Brian Peckford, former Premier of Newfoundland/Labrador is shocked by the loss of rights being experienced by Canadians, at the hands of their own governments and institutions. VIDEO BELOW  – – journalist Lawton asks excellent questions.  The former premier has a reputation for straight-shooting.  He hits the mark with his call, in common language for a […]