Oct 092015
2012-03-27   Cyber attack on NDP leadership vote involved more than 10,000 computers

With thanks to Allison, through my facebook feed, in response to 2015-10-08  Calls for Electronic Voting. Election fraud. Canadians beware. Response to CBC.  http://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/ndp-leadership-vote-cyber-attack-involved-more-than-10000-computers National Post Staff GEOFF ROBINS/AFP/Getty ImagesCyber attack: A delegate votes on her iPad during the third ballot at the New Democratic Party (NDP) leadership convention in Toronto Saturday.  Voting was extended after […]

Oct 082015

YES!   to new voters and others,  ELECTRONIC VOTING  would be perfectly logical. Please help inform fellow citizens:  it is NOT a good idea! E-voting is a sure way to watch democracy disappear into the sewer because of the KNOWN CORRUPTION in e-voting. There are LINKS at bottom to support this and other statements made below: – – – – […]

May 022013

http://www.canada.com/news/national/Irregularities%2Bwidespread%2BCanadian%2Belections%2Breport%2Bfinds/8318101/story.html By Stephen Maher, Postmedia NewsApril 30, 2013   OTTAWA — More than 165,000 people seem to have voted improperly in the last election, a new Elections Canada report has found, and the system for voting needs to be overhauled, although there isn’t enough time to do that before the next election. Chief Electoral Officer […]

Feb 062013

SOCIOPATH: lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. NOTE:  There are the robocalls from the Federal Elections (awaiting court decision). Now there is this new round of Federal robocalls related to the changing of electoral boundaries in the province of Saskatchewan. Past postings on robocalls can be found by going to the right-hand […]

Dec 232012

I am highly motivated, this hits close to my home (explained in a later posting), and to the international efforts in the wake of Fukushima. QUESTION:  What eventually happened to the moratorium on uranium development in Virginia?  (We participated in June 2011, item #4 below). RESPONSE: Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling took up the cause (#2 […]

Dec 112012
2012-11  How to rig an election, Harper's Magazine, Victoria Collier

Notes to myself (from “Comments” on the article at the Harper’s Magazine website)  followed by the article: Greg Palast’s “Armed Madhouse” describes vote irregularities and vote stealing in 2000 and 2004. Palast has another couple of books out on the same topic. In the last day or two Anonymous has said they hacked into voting machines […]

Dec 092012

Update:  In response to the call for assistance to pay for the costs of taking the Robocall scandal to Court, Dec 11:         $4.2 K has been raised On Dec 8:    $1.9K  had been raised. The total estimated cost will be $300K. Canadians still have a way to go!  Please spread the word. It’s easy to make […]

Dec 082012

In a lawsuit over allegations of voter suppression the integrity of the electoral system is at stake By Glen McGregor and Stephen Maher, Ottawa Citizen A few days before the May 2011 federal election, a phone operator in a Conservative Party call centre placed a call to the home of a retired couple in the […]

Dec 082012
2012-11-22   Robocall challengers stay firm, Winnipeg Free Press

Winnipeg Free Press – PRINT EDITION Robocall challengers stay firm Despite setback, voters, lobby group say they have a case By: Mia Rabson Posted: 11/22/2012 1:00 AM | Comments: 21 CP   Fred Chartrand / The Canadian Press Voters Sandra McEwing (left) of Winnipeg and Peggy Walsh Craig of Ontario want those who would suppress voters […]