Jan 052022
2022-01-23  Defeat the Mandates, World-wide.

https://defeatthemandatesdc.com/ doctor that helped create mRNA 30 years Vaccinology   https://defeatthemandatesdc.com/ On gettr  (twitter alternative):     https://gettr.com/user/1stAmendAlive On Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/279771097456215/ VIEW CART United we stand, in peace we march. January 23, 2022 | Washington, DC MARCH WITH US We want to be…free. Free to work. Free to travel. Free to learn. Free to question. Free to […]

Dec 162021

What’s happening among young people? RC The Rapper “JUST SAY NO”   (Canadian)   https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1150539295466345 (You have to un-mute.   That’s Unity, SK you see.   About 1/2 hour drive from where I grew up on the Sask prairie, small towns.) = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =   Janet writes:  […]

Nov 042021

I am indebted to Brian Peckford.  He brought Dr. Ponesse to my attention. A professor of Ethics for 20 years, fired by Western University because of covid.  Listen to her! (The text of her speech can be found at  https://brownstone.org/articles/do-not-give-up-your-rights-dr-julie-ponesses-remarkable-speech/) Dr. Julie Ponesse | The Faith and Democracy Series

Nov 032021

Brian Peckford, former Premier of Newfoundland/Labrador is shocked by the loss of rights being experienced by Canadians, at the hands of their own governments and institutions. VIDEO BELOW  – – journalist Lawton asks excellent questions.  The former premier has a reputation for straight-shooting.  He hits the mark with his call, in common language for a […]

Nov 012021

Naomi Wolf: Medical Freedom Is a Non-Partisan Issue I recommend the video – – click on the above link.  Then scroll down a bit. The show’s hosts discuss the concept of freedom with Naomi Wolf, best-selling author, journalist and Rhodes Scholar. Wolf, who also is CEO of the online information hub Daily Clout, said freedom […]

Nov 012021

U.S.:  Police and Fire departments “across the country”, along with “city workers”. The PBA filed its lawsuit on the same day as thousands of city workers marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to protest the vaccine mandate. Union opposition to these obligations, especially in city police departments, has been growing across the country and increasing in […]

Oct 282021

https://superu.net/video/5d7b1847-e1d9-483b-8266-5b7cd084fedf/ An excellent interview: Trudeau’s sniper detail blasts PM over mandate 66.9K Views | uploaded 3 days ago.   (today is Oct 28) Justin Trudeau’s personal sniper detail has put the PM on blast over his mandatory vaccine plan, calling the scheme “authoritarian.” Corporal Daniel Bulford, an officer in the RCMP speaks with journalist Keean Bexte […]

Oct 262021

SIZE AND STRENGTH of the resistance.  Every listed group represents many people.  Some items represent rapidly rising numbers of viewers, tens of thousands. THE LIST,  ALPHA SEQUENCE ACTION4CANADA     https://action4canada.com/ AMERICA’S FRONTLINE DOCTORS    www.AmericasFrontlineDoctors.org CANADA HEALTH ALLIANCE     https://www.canadahealthalliance.org/about-us.html CANADIAN COVID CARE ALLIANCE      www.canadiancovidcarealliance.org CANADIAN FRONTLINE NURSES     https://www.canadianfrontlinenurses.ca/ CANADIANS RESISTING UNCONSTITUTIONAL LOCK-DOWNS  (I […]

Oct 162021
1961  John F Kennedy  (1917 to Nov 1963).  The President and the Press address.

President John F. Kennedy Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York City   THE PRESIDENT AND THE PRESS: ADDRESS BEFORE THE AMERICAN NEWSPAPER PUBLISHERS ASSOCIATION, APRIL 27, 1961 Listen to the speech.    View related documents.    EXCERPT, high-lighted in the full text below, along with a 2nd paragraph: “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and […]

Oct 132021

The heading does not tell the story.   Health Canada switches to mainly pharmaceutical funding (short article below). Health Canada is using pharmaceutical company fees to fund 90% of its operating costs for regulating prescription medications. With a 24% rebate if it fails to review new drug applications within the accepted time frame. How About a […]