Jun 112024

Alberta power export plans. PUBLICLY-FUNDED HIGH-POWER TRANSMISSION LINES TO THE U.S. BORDER UPDATE, June 18, 2011   At bottom, the CBC Report on this Wikileaks story (WikiLeaks reveal Alta. power export plans). Note: –  The article below by Andrew Nikiforuk uncovers  the Alberta connection.   Wikileaks has supplied the evidence to support what we have been saying. The […]

May 032024
2024-05-02  Alberta Community Justice Grant

#1   is the Alberta Govt page regarding Community Justice. #2 is news coverage by the Western Standard. The Govt of Danielle Smith is doing SOMEthing about the Justice system.  Is it ALL that needs to be done? The current situation, well-documented – – people cannot afford to defend themselves by using the court system – […]

Apr 242024

I like Robert De Niro’s  definition of  DEMOCRACY:   knowing right from wrong.  And doing it.   (not his precise words.) ROUSING An anthem for warriors in all walks of life, to stand up for what we believe for the sake of humanity and our children. The song was written, arranged, and produced by Top 10 producer, […]

Mar 252024

Human beings are funny beings.   How can the most “human” of us be so marginalized and persecuted? “Radical” to me means “getting at the root”.  If you don’t get at the root of a problem, you won’t solve the problem. Radical people suit me just fine! https://watchdocumentaries.com/american-radical-the-trials-of-norman-finkelstein/    

Feb 152024

      Subject: Next Evidentiary Video:  Military Moral Injury with Dr. Kelly Denton-Borhaug The next evidentiary video episode of the Tribunal is a fascinating conversation with Dr. Kelly Denton-Borhaug, whose work began soon after the events of 9/11 with her investigation of what she came to call “U.S. war-culture.” In more recent years, Denton-Borhaug’s […]

Feb 152024

I am interested in Canada as a satellite country of the USA.    This was put together 14 years ago.  I’ll review it.   Call it a working copy.  /Sandra The chronology was developed because of Lockheed Martin’s arrival in Canada.   It applies equally to other companies from the American military-industrial-congressional complex.  The $15 billion dollar […]

Feb 052024
1988-    John Denver and  Alexander Gradsky (Russian) sing What Are We Making Weapons For?  with lyrics

I like John Denver’s music.  Surprisingly, I first heard this song in 2024 February. John Denver and Alexander Gradsky sing it near the end of “Christmas in Aspen, 1988”. John told how he had gone to the Soviet Union,  . . . sat with Gradsky and a bottle of vodka singing Beatle songs until 4AM.  […]