May 032024
2024-05-02  Alberta Community Justice Grant

#1   is the Alberta Govt page regarding Community Justice. #2 is news coverage by the Western Standard. The Govt of Danielle Smith is doing SOMEthing about the Justice system.  Is it ALL that needs to be done? The current situation, well-documented – – people cannot afford to defend themselves by using the court system – […]

May 022024

Hey Lyle, thanks for sending! (Sandra speaking):  We cannot thrive with the levels of corruption. HOWEVER!  take a look at some citizen videos that have sprouted up around these diesel – electric heavy haul trucks.  The creativity and success of these young creators is fun and contagious. They unequivocally love this PLACE in which we […]

May 012024

Justice Centre delivers 50,000+ petition signatures against Online Harms Act in Ottawa OTTAWA, ON: The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms will present more than 50,000 petition signatures against the Online Harms Act to the Minister of Justice and all Parliamentarians. At 10:15 a.m. ET on Wednesday, April 10, Justice Centre President John Carpay will deliver […]

Apr 032023

Subject: re StatsCan and the construction of ID’s  (Personal Information Banks) This is spreading quickly,  with more info being added as more people see it.   /Sandra Please forward this email. from Swift Current, SK.  StatsCan set up at the Fairgrounds. Mysterious Canadian Govt Vans: Harassing Folks For Blood, Saliva & Urine Testing & More […]

Oct 042022

2022 – Sept 28 video I ignored Jordan Peterson after assessing a number of his videos a few years ago.  He made some good points, but there were (are?) elements of an unhealthy anger he used (uses?) that I associate with sophisticated levels of manipulative behavior.   Later, I came across this 2018 video by a […]