WHO are we? (the network)


(See also “About the Network“).

I think you will be surprised when I tell you WHO we are. On one hand you may like to know. But there is a part of me that doesn’t want to tell you. I have told you that you are an amazing group of people who delight me.

If I tell you more specifically, you will know about differences. Those differences are normally not observable in email networks – you come to know people just by their ideas, not by their physical characteristics.

Prejudice and stereotypes are largely (not completely) inactivated. Really, we are just a group of like-minded people pitching in and working loosely together.

But here is a sampling of the diversity in JUST MY PART OF OUR EMAIL TREE.

Some of our participants are of

– native North American Indian background,

– different Oriental backgrounds,

– Inuit background,

– Metis

– European backgrounds

– Australian

– African

– people whose origins are in the Indian sub-continent

– many, of course, I don’t know.

– some are several generation Canadian

– we have a few very new Canadians

– and several non-Canadians (people from other countries)

– In age, we have people who are in their teens, 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and now 90’s.

– in background we have people from many different walks of life, from “not-gainfully-employed” (like me) to people from backgrounds that are regarded as “influential” in our society.

We can all be influential; “Status is not tied to our roles/jobs/positions or how much money we have, but to how we behave. It is something we do, not who we are.” Our network is composed of people of status!

– we are from various religious / spiritual backgrounds.

– some people are connected to a political party, many not.  We have (alphabetically and of which I am aware) Canadian Action Party, Conservatives, Greens, Liberals, New Democrats.  Unfortunately, we don’t have anyone from the Bloc.  We might have a Communist, I’m not certain.

– we have people from different genders and different gender relationships.

– in temperament we have the passionate to the involved to the aware. All play a role and all are needed.

– collectively we have a fair amount of capability in different languages.

Our emails are flung far and wide. I hear from people I don’t know, and am amazed that in the far reaches of this country we are connected to each other.

That’s impressive!

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