May 082022

Based on the write-up below,  I will be watching this documentary. Our network has been heavily involved in nuclear issues for years.  (small font category “nuclear” at the top left of this posting.) I have been following, but not posting updates.   Instead, just worrying about the propaganda and intentions – – SMR’s (Small Modular Reactors)!! […]

Jan 272022

Pozner’s talk and his replies to audience questions are instructive in dealing with the situation we find ourselves in. On September 27, 2018, Yale’s Program in Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies, and the Poynter Fellowship for Journalism hosted Vladimir Pozner, the acclaimed Russian-American journalist and broadcaster. Pozner spoke on the impact of US foreign […]

Sep 242020

There is a large factor to be considered:   Corruption. How much money the Cameco executives, for example, are making. Provinces like Saskatchewan do not have laws against Corporate contributions to political parties. How much influence Anne McLellan, one of the “Good ol’ boys” in Liberal circles,  has.  She’s on the Board of Cameco.   Since her retirement […]

Sep 062019

(I dunno – – Is this a “Public-Private-Partnership“?   The Government hands the thing over to a Consortium of Transnational Corporations;  tax-payers just provide the money.  We become the bankers.  Does that automatically make us partners? ) Background to the Ottawa Citizen article below,  by Gordon Edwards: Covered for the first time in Canada’s national […]

Jul 202019

May 25, 2019   FROM:  Sandra Finley TO:  Govt of Canada,  Impact Assessment Regulations,  Consultation on the proposed Project List Bill C-69 will exempt Small Modular Reactors and other nuclear/uranium reactors from impact assessment.   The elephant in the room is CORRUPTION.   You have to deal with it.   It did not make sense that […]

Apr 082019

 If you are short of time,  scroll down to the coloured text.   Since the death of Alexandre Grothendieck in November 2014, there have been a number of books and articles about this enigmatic man who earned a reputation as “the greatest pure mathematician of the twentieth century”.   Grothendieck invented ways of thinking that were highly […]

Feb 192019

With thanks to Gordon Edwards: Comment: Industry loves the concept that pollution can be “sold” as a benefit to people.  In particular, claiming that chronic radioactive pollution left over from nuclear disasters or from atomic warfare is not ultimately harmful, makes both the spread of nuclear power worldwide and the potential for “limited” nuclear warfare […]

Nov 052018

Background for: 2018-11-01 Alberta regulator privately estimates oilpatch’s financial liabilities are hundreds of billions more than what it told the public, National Observer ALBERTA,  Oil patch liabilities “hundreds of billions”.    Means ALL Canadians will pay.   Or . . . – – – – – – – – – – (UPDATE:  add to the Tally:  2019-11-06 Houston […]

Oct 262018
2018-10-26   CRA files appeal in multibillion-dollar tax case against Cameco, Saskatoon Star Phoenix

The Star Phoenix article does not mention the outrage of Canadians over “off-shoring” of taxable income by the wealthy.   The CRA has been taking a kicking;  lobbying didn’t work, so someone started Canadians for Tax Fairness.  Good on them! Media – the CBC did a good job exposing the CRA,  2016-03-08 Canada Revenue offered amnesty. […]