Apr 202024

Reclaim the Net is from London UK.  They crossed my radar screen a few years ago – – addressing the takeover of the Internet in ways that I wanted to know about.  Free Speech and Surveillance are central to their motivations.  They continue to provide quality input. Tag-line:  If you’re tired of censorship and dystopian […]

Apr 082024
2024-03-07   Covid.  Dr Charles Hoffe Trial update

IF YOU DO NOT KNOW DR HOFFE,  an excellent introduction is at: 2023-05-03 Dr Charles Hoffe, testimony at the NCI (National Citizen’s Inquiry) You will understand why the following outrage (due process taken away) is happening. Dr. Charles Hoffe’s disciplinary trial in British Columbia for spreading COVID “misinformation” has been postponed, as the College’s lawyers […]

Feb 092024
2022-06-17   Can solitary confinement be reformed or abolished in Canada?   with thanks to McGill University's Faculty of Law

Despite new legislation against solitary confinement, data paint a bleak picture of what goes on behind the walls of Canadian penitentiaries   INSERT:  You will hear Professor Jane Sprott ask,”Does anyone care?”   Photo: Owen Egan A matter of human dignity “If a society can recognize that even someone guilty of a serious crime possesses inalienable […]

Feb 022024

Carol Van Strum’s book, “A Bitter Fog“, is one I’ll not forget.  I learned a lot.  I am very happy for Carol that she received this Award. UPDATE:   It’s Feb 2, 2024; I’m reading RFK’s book, The Wuhan Cover-Up.  It’s about American chemical and biological warfare.  It seems that not much has changed.  But […]

Jan 252024

  Federal Court rules that the Invocation of the Emergencies Act was Unconstitutional https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44FzcNs37mQ Keith Wilson aids interpretation of the Court Ruling: Lawyers break down Federal Court verdict ruling Emergencies Act unconstitutional Keith Wilson, Chad Williamson Doctor/Lawyer Aris Lavranos takes us through the decision: https://pairodocs.substack.com/p/canadian-federal-court-rules-invocation?utm_source=podcast-email%2Csubstack&publication_id=692649&post_id=141010612&utm_campaign=email-play-on-substack&utm_medium=email&r=5olsj   A powerful tribute to the Freedom Convoy from jb24 […]

Jan 232024

2024-01-23 Federal Court declares use of Emergencies Act UNCONSTITUTIONAL, Andrew Lawton, True North. First out of the gates with the news. 44,909 views Streamed live on Jan 23, 2024 It’s the two-year anniversary of the first leg of the Freedom Convoy setting out for Ottawa from Delta, British Columbia. Today, the Federal Court ruled that […]

Dec 152023

A whistleblower has recently come forward in Parliament with scathing allegations involving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s $1 billion green slush fund, including a nexus of corruption and coordinated efforts to cover it up. The cover-up indicated high-level conflicts of interest, taxpayer money squandering, gross mismanagement and evidence of a highly toxic work environment. “Nearly 200 companies have […]

Oct 172023
2023-10-11  Word takes off.  International story. Trudeau regime puts Canadian detective HELEN GRUS on trial for investigating link between infant deaths and mRNA vaccines.

HELEN GRUS is on trial for investigating link between infant deaths and mRNA vaccines.  Social media internationally is in disbelief. Donald Best has been a stalwart in reporting on the Grus case (below). AND,  Important interview.  From the U.S. – – the last item below:  Former police detective reveals 50% of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death […]