Jul 232022

Hi Carol,

Many thanks for NOTICE OF MEETING (below).   I will be attending.


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2008-10-07 Feedback: Letter from School Superintendent re high voltage transmission line

2008-11-19  EMFs: high-voltage transmission lines, Cancers, Alzheimers. Internationally. Nationally. Locally.      (https://sandrafinley.ca/blog/?p=27295)

Regarding bizarre, lethal cancers in children in a small rural community in Saskatchewan,  a friend and I attended a conference in Ottawa (approx. 2008), the newly-formed Prevent Cancer NOW   https://preventcancernow.ca/

Canadians for Safe Technology, who are putting on the presentation (Notice of Meeting below), refer to two of the presenters at the 2008 Ottawa conference – – – Dr Magda Havas and Dr Devra Davies.   (www.C4ST.org  (Canadians for Safe Technology) in  CEO Frank Clegg’s excellent video).

Neither of the doctors will remember me,  but I certainly remember them!   And have drawn on their work many times.  They are exemplary women.

Just now I posted 2 emails of information I circulated in 2008;  others might be interested.  They are an indictment of Health Canada (for whom I have zero respect).

I will bring an EMFields monitor (www.emfields-solutions.com) to the meeting Monday evening, in case others might like to see it.

Best wishes,  Sandra

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Monday, July 25, 2022 at 7:00pm,

QB Civic Centre, 747 Jones St.,

Invite your families and neighbours for a wonderful learning experience.

We welcome your questions in a conversation setting.

Guest speaker: Shelley Wright,

Retired teacher of 29 years and Director of Canadian Educators for Safe Technology.

Subject: Cell Phones and Towers – Radiation Problems, Solutions and Safety

Marcus Schluschen,

Certified EMF consultant (radiation, mitigation specialist)

He will be demonstrating the constant radiation emitted by cell phones and wireless devices. Have the radiation levels of your phone checked for free.!

Please confirm you will be attending by email:


Thank you kindly,

Carol and Fred Dowe,

Canadians for Safe Technologywww.C4ST.org [watch Frank Clegg video]


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