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Subject: Thousands at Toronto Rally yesterday.

Report from friend on yesterday’s rally in Toronto

FABULOUS rally & speeches & march in Toronto yesterday. Best ever!!!

Rocco Galati spoke. Byram Bridle. Police officers. Nurses. An MD (or 2).

Great crowd – tons of information being shared, eg. by Take Action Canada & Vaccine Choice Canada.

Great placards.

A truly energizing, inspiring day, all around! 

p.p.s. as I headed out of the Dundas Square area where I’d parked my car, saw a City TV news truck. Signalled to the guy to open his window. Asked him if he’d covered the amazing event up at Queen’s Park. He said no, but a colleague had. Then a guy w. a big camera came around the side of the vehicle & I said to the 2 of them “Sure hope you won’t be reporting there were 300 people there.” And drove off.

There were thousands of people there! I expect MSM will either report small #’s, or big #’s & that it was a rally for fascist, gun-toting Trump supporter types.

You know.

The usual.

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From: Dan

The recent media attention to Nicki Minaj seems to have mainstream media in a flap. Unusual for someone with such a monstrous following to speak against the narrative, and I guess that is why the Whitehouse wants her to drop by so they can discuss her ‘misinformation.’

I was wondering about the recent top FDA officials quitting and then sending a report to the Lancet around boosters. Seems Trudeau has ordered booster shots for Canada

(INSERT:  I went to Procurement Canada’s list of what’s on order

From Pfizer:  there’s the list of the vaccine shots and then this on booster shots:

In addition to providing booster vaccine doses, (no number provided) the agreement provides flexibility to procure Pfizer’s new COVID-19 vaccine adaptations, such as those to protect against mutations or variants of concern and vaccines developed for younger populations.

. . .  and Biden announced as a foregone conclusion the boosters would be rolling out … but now the FDA is saying ‘not so fast’. So my cynical side feels like the FDA will approve regardless of the overwhelming recommendation against that from it’s own advisors. The endgame seems to already be part of the infrastructure and science no longer drives this.

And Ivermectin … that has been one of the most disgusting examples of dangerous censorship by big pharma and their big tech collaborators … India is all but deleted from the headlines now that Delta has come and gone. And the evidence that Ivermectin helped has gone unreported completely. It was good to see that mainstream was caught red handed spreading the lie about poison control centres dealing with a rash of IVM poisoning calls, and the story of the hospital that had so many IVM poisoning cases that people with gunshot wounds were being turned away. That wire story went all around the world instantly, in every mainstream media source. And since it has been proven to be a blatant lie, a few have added retractions … but the damage is done and I doubt very much the puny retraction is even being viewed since the story is now buried. Here is a decent recap … Hope full that the case against the WHO doctor moves forward.

All in all, with all the evidence to support freedom of choice, the dangers of the vaccine for young people and the fantastic immunity of those previously infected there seems to be no interest in halting this steam roller. Perhaps the passports were already preordained and science and reason is not of interest to those that control the narrative.

I have sent letters to my constituents outlining why I think that these passports are a bad idea … but probably all the people I sent them to are under orders from some greater power and likely they have no choice in what they are doing. (Other than stepping down or publicly going counter to their orders … but that might result in other problems for them.) Such a crazy clown show!

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