Jun 012015
Constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati Plans to challenge Bill C-51 in Federal court


  (3 minutes, 49 seconds video)    Toronto,  Filmed by Derek Soberal

Never say the battle is lost!!

(I left a message on Mr. Galati’s office phone to say that I’d like to make a financial contribution.  Would be a wise and worthwhile investment, in my books.)


Many thanks to Janet M Eaton:

In a four minute announcement renowned Constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati, describes the five major threats of Bill C-51 and goes on to castigate it saying:

what this legislation creates and make no mistake about it is a modern day Gestapo. No exaggeration – that’s what it creates and if it’s passed it’s created it. …This legislation is not new – German and Italian versions were passed in the 1930s in Europe and they look very much like Bill C51 –very hard to distinguish them.  I’m not politically partisan but I’ll say two things –

  • that any MP who voted for this bill should not get any Canadian citizen’s vote and
  • any candidate who’s running for a party who voted for this bill should not get a Canadian citizen’s vote.

This is quite clearly a fascist and dictatorial piece of legislation – and appeasement of it is unacceptable.  We at the Constitutional Rights Centre will challenge the constitutionality of this bill and encourage other organizations to do the same. 

You’ll note that I rudely did not thank you for being here today – I’m not going to thank you.  It’s your duty to be here; to take charge of your constitutional rights as its mine to come out and speak if invited.   Everybody should be at this type of event. .. We venture into the final fascist state which started with the Chretien government and has now come full mile. Thank you

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(2015-06-01)   Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Galati: C-51 A ‘Fascist And Dictatorial Piece Of Legislation’, Huffington Post  

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See also,  (2015-05-07)   Rocco Galati, Interview with Amanda Lang. Constitutional Rights.


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