Jun 012015


Important re Constitutional Rights

Thanks to Janet M Eaton:

Amazing how important the courts have become – as Rocco  says in his interview with Amanda – there are two checks and balances that keep a government from going astray i.e towards dictatorship :

i) Parliament and the opposition and Harper has highjacked that processs

ii) the courts and constitution and he’s fighting to keep that alive and well-  The Nadon case as they discuss in the interview was all about that-

If you haven’t heard it yet listen to it for sure (Lang interview).   Meanwhile Harper is attacking Beverly McLachlin outrageously so and has his lacky think tanks floating ideas that we perhaps don’t need a supreme court.  No wonder Rocco used such strong language – he’s seen through the RAT !!

all the best,  Janet


SEE ALSO:  (2015-05-30)    UPDATE: News on Bill C-51. Court challenge. Lawyer Rocco Galati.

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