Aug 092022
A half-dozen related postings.

(Anti-SLAPP laws  are designed to protect ordinary citizens from being silenced.)

1.      2202-08-09  Anti-SLAPP   BIG WIN FOR PEOPLE .   Court dismisses defamation suit against conservationists  . . . a B.C. law designed to protect freedom of speech   (


2.       2017-07-28 How an Ontario mom fended off a $120K libel lawsuit over her Facebook posts, CBC

Dismissed under Anti-SLAPP laws.

 “I was terrified,” “Where am I going to get this money from? . . .

Ontario Superior Court Justice Thomas Lederer ruled in Mohammed’s favour, citing the province’s “strategic lawsuits against public participation” rules (“anti-SLAPP” measures).

3.       2016-07-29 ‘What law am I breaking?’ How a Facebook troll came undone (Cyber-Bully)   



4.       2015-09-30 Cyberbullying, an issue of free speech. Salman Rushdie, a guiding light.

2022-09-28 In support of Salman Rushdie, Freedom of Speech. PEN Canada, John Ralston Saul & Grace Westcott.

( )


5.       2015-09-24 Urgent action needed to combat online (“cyber”) violence against women and girls, UN report


6.       Anchor      (



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