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Save Coastal Forest Estuary Land

  • French Creek Estuary Lands
Regional District of Nanaimo, Chair: Bill Veenhof, Joe Stanhope, et al; MOTI, Michael Pearson

From its headwaters in the mountainous regions of central Vancouver Island, French Creek opens into a spectacular Estuary as it flows into the Salish Sea. Twenty-three acres of intact forest stands on its north bank forming an integral connection between water and land.

French Creek is home to Wild Pacific Salmon
•Pink, Chinook, Coho and Chum salmon; plus Steelhead and Cutthroat Trout
•100,000 Chum fry and 35,000 Coho fry were released into its waters in 2018.
•The Fisheries Protection Act considers French Creek to be a “sensitive stream.”

UNESCO Biosphere Region and Parksville-Qualicum Beach Wildlife Protection Area
•This ecologically sensitive land is part of the UNESCO Mount Arrowsmith Biosphere Region
•Designated as part of the Parksville-Qualicum Beach Wildlife Protection Area.
•It is the last remaining Coastal Forest between the towns of Parksville and Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island (see map).

Provides Important Habitat For Wildlife
With a mature coastal forest of Douglas Fir trees, pond and marsh, it harbours:
•Nesting Bald Eagles, Great Blue Herons and Owls
•Beaver and Otter families
•Migrating and Resident Ducks and Geese including Brant
•Turtles and Frogs
•Numerous bird species including Hawks, Ravens, Flickers and many song birds

Fish populations depend upon the mature intact forest which serves to impede runoff from heavy rainfall, mitigate erosion, decrease sediment loading, protect from contaminants, and prevent flooding.

Protect This Estuary Land From Development – Please Sign This Petition

A subdivision development has been proposed on this 23 acre land. Let’s protect this Coastal Forest, the Creek and its Estuary and keep wildlife habitat intact.

We, the undersigned, oppose the subdivision application proposed for the 23-acre parcel of land bordering the French Creek Estuary (Qualicum-side) and request that the Regional District of Nanaimo and Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure deny any planning application to place multi-unit dwellings on this land.


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