May 042022

From: Bruce
Sent: May 4, 2022
Subject: Update on Merville Water Bottling License

Hi everyone.

The application for amendment of the Merville Water License is still in the hands of the CVRD staff, compiling information, seeking further details from FLNRORD and preparing a staff report to be brought before the Regional District Board when completed.  I have been told that they are trying to get the information and report ready for the June meeting.  I intend to apply to appear as a delegation at that meeting, and it would be great if we can once again show up in large numbers at the Board Room to provide a strong show of opposition to the proposed amendment that would allow the licensee to extract the water from our shared aquifer and sell it in bulk quantities to water tanker operators and in 1,000-liter quantities/containers.  I have not seen the application for amendment, but I am actively trying to get a copy in order to understand exactly what he is proposing to do.

In the meantime, I have been working with an environmental lawyer and we have submitted an email/letter to the FLNRORD decision-makers, challenging their right to approve an amendment to this license.  The letter was submitted yesterday, so we now await the response from FLNRORD.  I have attached a copy of the letter.  (Law firm name ironic? 😊)

I will provide an update as more information becomes available and will put out a call for support when I know details of the CVRD meeting.



(Something is wrong with the uploading.  I have to fix it.  Sandra)    2022-05-03 Strathcona Lawyer Letter to FLNRORD

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