Aug 302018

Return to  INDEX, Salish Sea OCTOBER 20TH MUNICIPAL ELECTIONS: (Might be slightly different in different communities?) Candidates have until Friday, Sept 14th to file their papers (open for nominations Sept 4). Town /City/RDN  staff update an on-line list of candidates, as candidates file their papers. The information, for one town,  for example:   REGIONAL […]

Aug 072018

RE:  2018-08-02  Press Release:  University of Saskatchewan is taken to Court, Refuses to disclose Right to Know symposium proceedings   The significance of the court case becomes clearer, through connected postings below.    The titles of the links abbreviate the story, while providing details, if you want them. The story is simple: Philanthropy is noble. […]

Jun 052018
2018-06-04  Interview  Edward Snowden:  'The people are still powerless, but now they're aware',  The Guardian

 (Note:  2013 interview of Snowden.  12 minutes.  Link in the article below, worth listening to a second time.) By Ewen MacAskill and Alex Hern Five years after historic NSA leaks, whistleblower tells the Guardian he has no regrets   Edward Snowden remains in exile in Russia. Photograph: Lindsay Mills Edward Snowden has no regrets five […]

Feb 222018

A father (and mother) from Wetaskwin, AB were very angry when their son was vaccinated for HPV without parental consent. Question re legislated mandatory vaccination schedules or the child cannot attend school (California, some other US states, Ontario, Alberta, add New Brunswick (?)): are parents still required to sign a parental consent form, or does […]

Jan 192018
TED Talk  Pico Iyer The place that travel writer Pico Iyer would most like to go? Nowhere. In a counterintuitive and lyrical meditation, Iyer takes a look at the incredible insight that comes with taking time for stillness. In our world of constant movement and distraction, he teases out strategies we all can use to take back a […]

Jan 152018
2017-07-11  (USA)   Is The Justice Department Shying Away From Prosecuting Corporations? NPR interview, author Jesse Eisinger

RELATED:       2014-04-30    Why Only One Top Banker Went to Jail for the Financial Crisis, NY Times Magazine Heard on Fresh Air,  NPR ProPublica reporter Jesse Eisinger says that the government undermines the notion of equity and fails to deter crime when it allows large corporations to settle lawsuits by paying fines.     Eisinger’s […]