Oct 182018

FURTHER to: 2018-10-12    Here’s how I think we can Keep Monsanto milk out of Canada (bovine growth hormone (rBGH / rBST), NAFTA 2.0 UPDATE:  the rBGH Petition to Prime Minister Trudeau, as of Oct 19th noon on the West Coast,  is 60 signatures short of 21,000. Note:  to be clear, Monsanto hasn’t owned rBGH (“Posilac”) […]

Oct 122018

UPDATE: See  2018-10-18    A Time-Line on “Monsanto Milk” (rBGH) reveals . . . – – – – – – – – – In memory of Senator Eugene Whelan, and the Whistle blowers. EXCERPT from the Senate Report, 1999: Recombinant bovine somatotropin is a non-therapeutic drug, produced by genetic engineering, which can increase milk production in […]

Oct 052018

Victory: The Trans Mountain legal saga is over October 5, 2018 Dear Sandra, It’s official. The legal battle over the Trans Mountain project is over and won. The federal government announced Wednesday that it will not appeal the Federal Court of Appeal ruling that quashed its approval of the Trans Mountain project. This means that […]

Oct 022018

Not so many years ago,   I did not know of the existence, role, how to use it, or importance, of the provincial Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner.   Myself and others are indebted to D’Arcy Hande for teaching us. RELATED: 2018-08-02  NEWS RELEASE: University of Saskatchewan is taken to Court, Refuses to disclose Right […]

Oct 022018

Website,  http://childrenshealthdefense.org/ Video – – it’s  at the top, opposite the title “Children’s Health Defense”,  RFK Jr,  begins with “I can remember the days . . .” That’s the video to be shared! – – – – – – – From: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Sent: September 12, 2018 2:01 AM Dear World Mercury Project […]

Sep 092018

 by Kevin Taft Canada is fortunate indeed to have a court system that produces rulings of the depth and quality of the Federal Court of Appeal’s judgment on the Trans Mountain Project. Covering 254 pages, it is clearly written, well informed, and thoughtful to the point of wisdom. In an era when democracy itself seems […]

Sep 092018
2018-04-19  Kevin Taft on what turned Rachel Notley from crusading critic to big oil crusader,   National Observer

 by Kevin Taft  Alberta Premier Rachel Notley I (Kevin Taft) spent four years in the Alberta legislature with Rachel Notley, from 2008 to 2012. I liked and admired her and was delighted when she became premier in 2015. Today when I watch her on pipeline and oil issues I ask myself, what happened to the […]

Sep 092018

With thanks to Kevan. I watched the film and am glad I did.   /Sandra =================== BrasscheckTV Report ===================   A case study of how the vicious thugs who run the UK and US governments work. They wanted the island of Diego Garcia In the Indian Ocean for strategic reasons… and this is how they took […]

Sep 092018
2018-09-08   Ecuador:  Correa Accuses Gov’t of US Pact After Chevron Ruling  (article from telesur)

The American Economic Hit Men (military-industrial-congressional complex)  have obviously taken back control of Ecuador. My contribution to keeping former President Correa out of the jaws of the jackals is to help keep his story in public awareness. If Correa is killed,  the American propaganda machine will, as they have already tried, paint him as a […]

Sep 082018

News re the Kinder Morgan / TransMountain pipeline, 2018-08-30  VICTORY: We’ve defeated Trans Mountain, from EcoJustice (the lawyers who argued the case) elicited:  This was a big mistake and has only placed our communities at greater risk. What are people thinking?  Seriously. – – – – – – – – – – – PREFACE: The […]