Nov 022018
2018-10-30   Will the Trudeau government 'recycle' Parks Canada 'assets'?  by Brent Patterson, C of C and   ("asset recycling")

Banksters: Index   This article by Brent Patterson falls under  “Beyond Banksters“,  the dissed Canada Infrastructure Bank vs the Bank of Canada – –  financing of public projects. Background for new people: (2017)  Canadians are to purchase from $180 to $188 BILLION DOLLARS worth of infrastructure, over 12 years.   The plan for how we are to […]

Oct 312018

(The   Banksters: Index  is updated to include this posting.)     COMER — Committee on Monetary and Economic Reform  EST. 1986   Home Page About COMER ER Archives Bookstore Projects Participate Contact Us Links Supreme Court of Canada Dismisses Constitutional Bank of Canada Case, Claiming It Is a Political Matter Toronto, May 31, 2017 – […]

Jun 112018        Common Ground,  June 2018 You need a gun to rob a bank,  but you need a bank to rob a country! Recommend:  go to the link above.    There are a number of good articles re – –   What a joke! We bought a crappy pipeline with taxpayer’s money. Related  (just so you know who […]

Jun 112018

“Follow the money” starts at about the 4:10 minute marker in this 5 minute video. Canadian banks have $107 billion in loans and commitments for the Tar Sands and the Pipeline Expansion.  The first four minutes set out the markets for the product.   If there is any doubt about the data in the video,  please […]

Oct 312017

By Bill Curry The Liberal government has introduced a second large budget bill that includes a new law establishing Canada’s participation in the Beijing-based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Bill C-63, Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s second budget bill of the year, enacts a wide range of measures related to his March budget. Like the first budget […]

Aug 022017

Background?    There is a very good German video that explains how “the monster payday” works.   Note the date: 2015-11-16 YouTube: German Public TV tells Europeans re ISDS (Investor State Dispute Settlements).   Canada? U.S.? What are we seeing? The recent report below related to Argentina is evidence of how widespread the problem is.   Canadians point out […]

Jun 262017

Banksters: Index RE   Re-negotiation of NAFTA (1994, Jan.1), triggered by the Trump Administration on May 17th, 2017: 90 day Notice, required under American law for the Administration’s negotiation of a trade deal, was given by U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer to Congress, May 17, 2017. Re-negotiation between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada cannot begin until at minimum, 90 days […]

Jun 162017

Banksters: Index Adam Smith to PM, Fin Min, his MP June 2017 Feel free to use whatever you want, copy paste even, no attribution necessary.  ? I want my letter spread far and wide.  Cheers, Adam This exemplary letter by young Canadian Adam Smith is indeed about the “Wealth of Nations“! (The Wealth of Nations is ” the […]

Jun 132017

Banksters: Index In a sign that Independent senators are continuing to assert that independence, some in the Red Chamber are attempting to force the government to split off the infrastructure bank from the budget implementation bill, threatening to delay not only the creation of the bank but the government’s budget plans. Independent Quebec Senator […]