Jun 022017

One tries to keep Beyond Banksters  and the $180,000,000,000 in Infrastructure spending simple. A problem:  I’ve helped fight down two large infrastructure projects for water.  I am committed to the value of information.  Of what value is relevant information, if it’s not shared?! Jake (from the U.S.) observed: Big Pharma and Big Agriculture have taken control of most […]

Jun 012017

Banksters: Index This article by Professor Cleveland is an application of John Perkins’ work. Perkins talks of voodoo economics.   Michael Hudson has written a book on Junk Economics.  Years ago, Robert F. Kennedy Jr started challenging economics that don’t account for the externalization of environmental costs;  the public pays the very serious health and environmental costs of pollution dumped by […]

May 292017

Banksters: Index CIB  (Canada Infrastructure Bank) Canadians should know these names.  Our peril if we don’t: Bank of America Merrill Lynch BlackRock Larry Fink Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi. Beyond Banksters, Joyce Nelson, Chapter 3:  A 21st Century Trojan Horse,  Page 25: The Advisors   … Ottawa Citizen’s Jason Fekete reported: “. . . (Ottawa) has recruited a […]

May 282017

Banksters: Index Beyond Banksters Insert, Chapter 2, Page 19, heading The Debt Trap * Perkins is a whistleblower, his 2004 book was read by more than a million people.  In 2016, the updated book was published in paperback under title, New Confessions of an EHM, with added Part V:  2004 to Today.  The book is […]

May 282017
2017-04-17   BMO bundles uninsured mortgages in a Canadian bond first,  Bloomberg News

Banksters: Index The Bank of Montreal (BMO) building, center, stands in the financial district of Toronto. Photographer: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg Lender is looking to securitize uninsured prime mortgages   Deal follows new rules that limit government insurance by  Allison McNeely Bank of Montreal is bundling uninsured residential mortgages into bonds in what could be the start of […]

May 262017

Banksters: Index EMAIL THREAD SENT:   May 24   (significantly edited) TO:  Janet Thanks for the Larry Summers re Chrystia Freeland (Cdn Minister of Foreign Affairs) connection. Sources:  I found Summers listed as one of Freeland’s  “friends in high places”.  He is a booted-out (controversial) President of Harvard,  she a graduate of Harvard.   Details below – – Summers’ role with the Wall […]

May 252017

Banksters: Index Cover Letter,  a copy of Beyond Banksters sent. = = = = = = = = = =  = = City of Calgary  (Example)   Dear Mayor Naheed Nenshi, I expect you will be attending the FCM Convention, June 1 to 4.   Perhaps you will have time to pick out high points from […]

May 252017
2014-05-27   'Inclusive capitalism' the big new thing?   from DW,  German international broadcaster.  (Dominic Barton)

Banksters: Index From   DW:  Made for Minds    DW  is  Deutsche Welle.  German international broadcaster  (Welle is “wave” or “wavelength” in English)   http://www.dw.com/en/inclusive-capitalism-the-big-new-thing/a-17665826 Author   Jasper Sky The global financial crisis that began in 2007-2008 has led to wide-ranging criticism of the world’s current finance-driven capitalism. A conference in London aimed at addressing some of capitalism’s […]

May 252017

Banksters: Index http://business.financialpost.com/fp-comment/william-watson-christine-lagarde-mark-carney-wouldnt-take-a-pay-cut-so-why-talk-up-inequality by William Watson IMF head Christine Lagarde and Bank of England Governor Mark Carney both spoke last week in London on the subject of “inclusive capitalism” at a highly exclusive conference organized by Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild  . . . Prince Charles and Bill Clinton were also keynoters  . . . […]

May 112017

Banksters: Index The report notes that only the most profitable, least-risky projects will be privatized With thanks to CUPE for making G&M material available  (G&M requires subscription): https://cupe.ca/documents-expose-dangers-liberal-privatization-bank Newly-released government documents expose the privatization plans at the heart of the Liberal’s proposed infrastructure bank The Globe and Mail is reporting on government briefings that show the Canada […]