Jan 182018
2018-01-18   'Insanity' to allow nuclear waste storage  near Ottawa River, Indigenous groups say  CBC News

  Canadian Nuclear Laboratories facility in Chalk River, Ontario, could be up and running in 2020 Julie Ireton http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/chalk-river-nuclear-waste-indigenous-1.4492937  (There’s a 41 second video clip at the URL) Indigenous groups don’t want permanent nuclear waste site near river Indigenous groups say a plan to store nuclear waste near the Ottawa River in eastern Ontario is “insanity” and want […]

Jul 302017

From Dr. Gordon Edwards,   Dear Friends and Colleagues:   The site of the Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories and the nearby Canadian military base, Camp Petawawa, are situated on the traditional territory of the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan. The management of Chalk River Laboratories is now in the hands of a consortium of profit-oriented multinational corporations […]

Mar 032015

From: Sandra Finley Hi Andy, It is party, party time for Larry K and others:   The Nuke Waste Mgmt Organization is taking leave from Saskatchewan!    The Committee for Future Generations  won the battles at Pinehouse and English River. NWMO announced today, they are pulling out of the last community, Creighton.  (Their reason for leaving is […]

Nov 072013

Hi Everyone, We can lend a hand here: Pandora’s Promise is a slick piece of propaganda for the nuclear industry, airing on CNN. The Atomic States of America (bless good people) tells a different story.  I watched it – it’s well done, worth your time, and free on-line for the next 2 days. Please pass […]

Feb 242013

“To tell you the truth, I represent 74 communities, and the consistent message out there is the majority of them don’t agree with nuclear waste management and the safety of it — and I speak on behalf of them,” – FSIN Vice Chief Bobby Cameron   Long-term nuclear waste repository ‘not worth it’: FSIN vice chief by Alex Di Pietro, […]

Oct 282011

For R-Town News Oct. 28, 2011 BY Jim Harding We could finish this election campaign without serious issues even being raised, which isn’t the way to practice democracy. One such issue is whether thousands of truckloads of highly radioactive nuclear wastes will be brought from Ontario’s nuclear plants to a nuclear dump in our north.  […]

Aug 052011

I can hardly keep my butt on my chair long enough to write.  This is so exciting!  People from northern Saskatchewan have done an incredible job of organizing an 800 km, 22-day walk to the Saskatchewan legislature.  What a blast it has become!  I read Jim Harding’s article about the 7000 Generation Walk (Aug 4th […]

Jun 282011

The CNSC does not, but they are SUPPOSED TO regulate the nuclear industry.  That is their one and only job.  Get a load of this:  the CNSC asked permission to act as an advocate for the nuclear industry, to defend and promote Bruce Power’s plan in federal court.   Brazen.   CNSC = Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Feb. 4 – the CNSC […]

Jun 102011

WHY THE NORTHERN SASKATCHEWAN FORUM VOTED TO BAN NUCLEAR WASTES BY Jim Harding R-Town Papers, June 10, 2011 On the afternoon of June 2nd two hundred people mostly from ten northern communities gathered in the school auditorium at Beauval for the “Forum for Truth on Nuclear Waste Storage”. It was organized by the recently formed […]