Dec 062018

 RELATED:   2018-12-06 NYT: Paul Manafort Discussed Deal to Seize Julian Assange   Julian Assange’s lawyer has rejected an agreement announced by Ecuador’s president to see him leave the Ecuadorean embassy in London, after six years inside. Lenin Moreno, the president of Ecuador, has made no secret of his wish to be rid of the WikiLeaks […]

Dec 062018
2018-12-03   NYT: Paul Manafort Discussed Deal with Ecuador to hand over Julian Assange to the US

Image A rally in Quito, Ecuador, in support of the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who has been holed up in the country’s embassy in London since 2012.CreditCreditJose Jacome/EPA, via Shutterstock RELATED:    2018-12-06 Julian Assange rejects UK-Ecuador deal for him to leave the embassy, The Telegraph The New York Times is reporting that President Trump’s former […]

Dec 052018

By Andrew Blake Attorneys seeking details about the U.S. government’s investigation into WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange argued Monday that the Department of Justice lacks justification for continuing to keep its case completely sealed. Lawyers for the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, a nonprofit organization representing journalists’ interests, raised the claim throughout a 12-page […]

Dec 032018

Rusbridger is a special person.  “Search” his name, using the upper right-hand corner search button on this blog, for postings related to him. = = = = = = = = Vrinda Sood Alan Rusbridger, former Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian, stressed the fundamental role of reporters in today’s world to a crowded Yale Law School […]

Dec 012018

My view of Hillary Clinton says nothing about my view of Trump, or of the Russians – – just want to make that clear.   Those are totally separate conversations. – – – – – – RE:  why it  is necessary to convince people that Hillary is the enemy  in order to (protect whistleblowers)?   – – […]

Nov 302018
2018-11-29  Guardian Escalates Its Vilification of Julian Assange,  Common Dreams, Jonathan Cook

The Guardian did not make a mistake in vilifying Assange without a shred of evidence. It did what it is designed to do. by  Jonathan Cook With this story, it has done what it regularly does when supposedly vital western foreign policy interests are at stake – it simply regurgitates an elite-serving, western narrative. (Photo: […]

Nov 272018

UPDATES:  “WikiLeaks is going make [sic] suing fake news producers like the Guardian a central part of its business model. Since libels are the most predictable response to the power and accuracy of a WikiLeaks‘ publication, our analysis is that this is a stable, scalable income stream,” WikiLeaks said through its Twitter account. 2018-11-29  Guardian Escalates […]

Nov 272018
2018-11-27 The Guardian is caught out, I would say.  Ex-Trump campaign chair Manafort denies meeting with WikiLeaks' Assange

The Guardian is caught out, I would say.   Set in CONTEXT: (CBC story below.) The Guardian published that Manafort (one-time campaign director for Trump) and Assange met 3 times.  Manafort denies having ever met Assange. On this occasion, it’s likely Manafort is telling the truth:  there have been no meetings between him and Assange. Assange […]

Nov 262018
2018-11-26   After Major Court Filing Fail, US Gov’t Refuses to Say if Julian Assange Faces Criminal Charges, from Law & Crime

by Matt Naham  WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has or hasn’t been charged, the government said in a cagey Monday court filing.   The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (RCFP) responded to the news that federal prosecutors had erroneously exposed Assange as a target of criminal charges by requesting that the government unseal Assange’s […]

Nov 262018

In full view, Democracy thrown down, cut up and quartered, while we watch. = = = = = = The section on Assange,  Moved to 2018-11-26 WHY are the USA / UK so afraid of Julian Assange? = = = = = = = =   IMPORTANT,  RE STATSCAN “Re-spendable revenue”! I could not understand […]