Sep 022018

Leaks. Huge volumes of Data. Leaker and Publisher. A TRUE picture of the wars – – data is objective.  It is not “opinion”, nor is it propaganda.   – – – – – – – – On-line Vigil for Assange.    I thought of Assange, of course. Daniel Ellsberg,  a participant in the vigil. Chelsea […]

Jul 172018
2018-07-17    New “foreign interference” laws in Australia.   I suspect that collaboration with international organizations (, Beyond War, Whistleblowers, hundreds of others) will be illegal?

Scroll down to VIDEO – – listen to the first part. Australia is a member of “FVEY“, a U.S. – U.K. – Canada – Australia – New Zealand  coalition on surveillance, “integration” of military, and so on.  For more info, enter “FVEY” in the search button at top right of this blog page. I am […]

Jul 162018

 For a more critical report on the same, Australia’s new laws, see: 2018-07-17 New “foreign interference” laws in Australia.  I suspect that collaboration with, for example, would be illegal.  Plus many other collaborations with international organizations, e.g. with “Beyond War”. = = = = = = = = = = = = Australia’s […]

Jul 072018
2018-07-03  Ecuador judge orders ex-president Correa be jailed, Reuters   (Correa granted asylum to Julian Assange in 2012)

Rafael Correa, February 5, 2018 (Agencia de Noticias ANDES/CC BY-SA 2.0)   To remind myself how long-standing and KNOWN the problem of U.S. interference is,  I added some background to the recent news “Ecuador judge orders ex-president Correa be jailed”. In my view, the best life insurance for former president Rafael Correa is the sharing […]

Jun 262018

Assange Is A Journalist, Should Not Be Persecuted For Publishing The Truth Dissident Voice Last week, rallies in support of Julian Assange were held around the world. We participated in two #AssangeUnity events seeking to #FreeAssange This is the beginning of a new phase of the campaign to stop the persecution of Julian Assange and […]

Apr 082018
2018-04-09  Punishment of Julian Assange is political, not legal   Daily MIrror, UK Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno     Recent reports that the Ecuadoran government has blocked internet / phone access and disallowed visitors to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange – who has been holed up in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London for five and a half years – point to the latest in a series of moves […]

Feb 252018 Ecuador says the country’s latest efforts to negotiate the departure of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from its London embassy have failed. Foreign minister Maria Fernanda Espinosa said the UK was unwilling to take part in talks about his release. A UK Foreign Office spokesman said Mr Assange should “leave the embassy to face justice”. […]

Feb 122018
2018-02-11  Sweden tried to drop Assange extradition in 2013, CPS emails show,  The Guardian    UK prosecutors tried to dissuade Swedish counterparts from dropping the charges, exchange shows Owen Bowcott and Ewen MacAskill Julian Assange on the balcony of the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Photograph: Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA Swedish prosecutors attempted to drop extradition proceedings against Julian Assange as early as 2013, according to a confidential exchange of emails […]

Feb 072018 By Jill Lawless  The Associated PressGregory Katz LONDON—A British judge on Tuesday upheld a U.K. arrest warrant for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, leaving him still a wanted man in the country where he has spent more than five years inside the Ecuadorean Embassy. Judge Emma Arbuthnot rejected a call from Assange’s lawyers for the […]

Feb 052018
2018-02-05   Lauri Love ruling 'sets precedent' for trying hacking suspects in UK,  The Guardian

– – –  Unusual for the UK Establishment to rule against the US Establishment.  Are the times a-changin’? By  Owen Bowcott,  Legal affairs correspondent.   Extradition. Rights groups and lawyers for 33-year-old welcome landmark judgment against extradition to US  0:39 A high court ruling blocking extradition to the US of Lauri Love, a student […]