Dec 122017

This posting is one in a set: Why I wanted hair analysis done:  Diagnosed with childhood polio, but was it polio or heavy metal poisoning?  (includes chronology) 2017-09-29:  Lab Report on the hair analysis 2017-12-15   Now, what do I do with the Lab Report?   First, try to digest it. = = = = = = […]

Dec 042017

I was looking for Dr. Vimy’s website.  He has been retired for some number of years.  Maybe his website is no longer maintained.   I found this, and have sent a request for permission to use:     BACK-UP COPY, MERCURY DETOXIFICATION Mercury detoxification should be seriously considered by anyone who has amalgam (silver) dental fillings. […]

Nov 282017 The following is a back-up copy of the article.  Recommend, go to the URL for active footnotes and video support. Story at-a-glance Medical vaccine exemptions in California have tripled since 2015 when the state’s personal belief exemption was removed from mandatory vaccination laws for children to attend school The parents of more than 10 […]

Nov 252017

(contains names of researchers on mercury) by Dr. Wm. Deagle MD   Dr. Murray Vimy DDS, Ph.D. Dental Pathology & Toxicology asked me to calculate the total body burden of mercury in patients based on inhaled vapors of mercury produced by chewing gum on the facets of mercury silver amalgams. The equipment we utilized […]

Nov 232017

Earlier, we shared information on the link between mercury and Alzheimer’s Disease / dementia. I want to add  a short video with Boyd Haley (#1 below); remind myself about #2, another informative video. add a 2-minute CBC News report on the actions of Dr. Murray Vimy (Calgary researcher retired, World Health Organization consultant, etc.). And […]

Nov 232017

This woman, Susan, from Vancouver is my age.  She was diagnosed with MS many years ago.   Life is difficult for her.  She is knowledgeable, and determined;  she pitched in on the 1998 class action lawsuit attempt over mercury in dental amalgams (I had not heard about the lawsuit).  She wants to help out again, now, […]

Nov 212017

Click on the FULL PART ONE below. Recommend:   don’t watch all four parts at once.   Take time to digest. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ASIDE:   You may want to read the bit about  “How are vaccines made?”  in the posting at It […]

Nov 042017

EU on brink of historic decision on pervasive glyphosate weedkiller  (Monsanto, roundup),  The Guardian. Oct 24, very good article.  Update, Oct 25, the EU temporarily dodged the bullet (again). AVAAZ and other organizations have successfully campaigned, mobilizing millions of people to stop the poisoning.  We have been active on this file through the years. There […]

Nov 032017

The story of Barry Marshall has a number of lessons for us.   The article from Discover Magazine, below,  tells his story well. More? . . .  A search on his name, or “barry marshall youtube” turns up lots of interesting information. Barry James Marshall  is an Australian physician, Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or […]