Feb 172018
2018-02-14  Vaccinations:  Over 5,000 elementary school kids suspended in Toronto for out-of-date immunization records.  This, in a province that legislated mandatory vaccinations.

Appended,  a URL list of similar reports (suspensions, or threats to suspend), with thanks to Janet M.  The reports are over “IMMUNIZATION RECORDS“. The term “MANDATORY VACCINATIONS” is uniformly not used in these reports.   (It may be that the wording has been carefully chosen to avoid the controversy.)  We circulated news of the passing of […]

Feb 072018

APPENDED:  background on the Tamiflu vaccine and Rumsfeld’s connection to it. Sometimes I don’t want to circulate information like the following:  we know the theme.   More detail seems like unnecessary repetition. Boot myself!  I don’t think we CAN stop.   It is dangerous NOT to arm people, when we’re talking Big Pharma.  Earlier postings document the […]

Feb 072018
2018-02-06   Indian Study Reveals Birth Dose of Hepatitis B Vaccine Unnecessary

RELATED: 2017-11-02 How long does it take for a newborn’s liver to mature? What are the consequences of a damaged liver? Why do the Americans administer the Hepatitis B vaccine on day 1 of birth? With thanks to  The Vaccine Reaction. http://www.thevaccinereaction.org/2018/02/indian-study-reveals-birth-dose-of-hepatitis-b-vaccine-unnecessary/ by TVR Staff “We found birth dose was not needed as infection rates […]

Feb 052018

Lou writes: Sandra, thinking of why you do what you do,,, your activism .. your blog Here is Sri Eawaran’s February 4, copied from my very old Words To Live By –   “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the whole.” John Donne […]

Jan 202018

This is about flu shots (vaccines).   The Broken Brain series (functional medicine) is also about vaccines (not solely, of course). With many thanks to Janet M.    I watched videos at the two links she sent, Wendy Mesley from CBC that turned out to be from 2012.  It’s still valid and worthwhile – – I don’t […]

Jan 192018

Microbes Help Produce Serotonin in Gut Although serotonin is well known as a brain neurotransmitter, it is estimated that 90 percent of the body’s serotonin is made in the digestive tract. In fact, altered levels of this peripheral serotonin have been linked to diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and osteoporosis. New research […]

Jan 152018
2018-01-14    Canadians who have 'electromagnetic hypersensitivity' (EHS) feel forced to escape modern life - Home

I changed the title of the interview, from “claiming to have”, to “who have”: Excerpt from 2013-05-21   Electromagnetic radiation, sensitivity to: Background on researcher Olle Johansson (Stockholm) plus Grade 9 girls’ science experiment 2013 Nowadays, electrohypersensitivity (EHS) is in Sweden an officially fully recognized functional impairment (i.e., it is not regarded as a disease). Survey […]

Jan 072018

WHO is Dr. Mark Hyman? Watch an interview by Marie Forleo:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YGD6WC0arqY   After watching the video, I think it’s safe to recommend  an on-line series by Dr. Hyman, that started January 17th.  Each of 8 broadcasts is available for free, for 24 hours. I watched #2 on January 18th. Register  (just requires a […]

Dec 122017

This posting is one in a set: Why I wanted hair analysis done:  Diagnosed with childhood polio, but was it polio or heavy metal poisoning?  (includes chronology) 2017-09-29:  Lab Report on the hair analysis 2017-12-15   Now, what do I do with the Lab Report?   First, try to digest it. = = = = = = […]