Jun 182013

A  local person describes the same process at work in Canada as George Monbiot describes in  Corporate Carve-Up of Africa.   (land and resources in Africa / land and resources in Canada) Canadians should wake up.  And we should share information with friends in Africa. REQUEST:  if anyone knows, or will research to find, the date and how the […]

May 152013

http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-seeds-of-suicide-how-monsanto-destroys-farming/5329947 By Dr. Vandana Shiva Global Research Monsanto’s talk of ‘technology’ tries to hide its real objectives of control over seed where genetic engineering is a means to control seed, “Monsanto is an agricultural company.   We apply innovation and technology to help farmers around the world \produce more while conserving more.”  “Producing more, Conserving more, […]

May 152013

1.   “Multiple URL’s”  (text at bottom) explains why the links are here, and not in the email I distributed. 2.    2013-05-15  Can you help?   Do you know a family that has experienced breast or prostate (or other) cancer? 3.   2013-05-13  Anti-census crusader loses appeal.  Finley may take battle to top court.  Saskatoon Star Phoenix 4.    […]

May 152013

http://globalnews.ca/news/550652/global-network-of-hackers-steals-45m-from-atms/   By Colleen Long, The Associated Press   NEW YORK – The sophistication of a global network of thieves who drained cash machines around the globe of an astonishing $45 million in mere hours sent ripples through the security world, not merely for the size of the operation and ease with which it was […]

May 142013
2013-05-14   CRITICAL role:  Saskatoon March against Monsanto to the University, May 25th

It is essential to address the root of problems.   March against Monsanto is a great mobilizer,  BUT the messaging in Saskatchewan has to address the role of the University and the Government. I think it is explained in these two earlier communications.   NOTE TO RON FINLEY (INDUSTRIALIZED AGRICULTURE) . . .  I am from […]

May 102013

Hey,  Gotta laugh sometimes!   John Stewart describes how the Monsanto Protection Act was snuck in under . . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2K4pfiYK2IQ   – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – http://www.nationofchange.org/us-activists-outraged-over-so-called-monsanto-protection-act-1367249372   By Matthew Cardinale   Food safety advocates are outraged over revelations […]

May 102013
Percy Schmeiser, The farmer who stood up to Monsanto

By Susan Audrey   Everyone knows that an oil spill is not good for the environment. Canadian farmer Percy Schmeiser has been traveling the world for years, spreading the word that GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are just as detrimental—to the land, wildlife, farmers, our food supply, and to us.   Percy’s story is a famous […]

May 022013

A half-hour documentary film on Monsanto, from Germany.   http://www.cultureunplugged.com/play/6274/Poison-in-the-Offer—The-Success-Story-of-U-S–Giant-Monsanto Director: Manfred Ladwig | Producer: Manfred Ladwig Genre: Documentary | Produced In: 2007 | Story Teller’s Country: Germany Tags: Americas, Asia, Conflict, Crime, Ecology, Environment, Science, United States, Vietnam Synopsis: This very moment is not true, one could think. Thirty years after American GIs and […]

Mar 012013

Below is in follow-up to  2013-02-12  A million signatures on AVAAZ petition to US FDA, stop the licensing of GM salmon.   = = = = = = = = = = = CONTENTS 1.    “THE ONLY SOURCE OF GM SALMON EGGS ON THE PLANET“, PRINCE EDWARD ISLANDERS ARE MOBILIZING (again) TO STOP IT! 2.  BERTRAM VERHAAG`S […]