Feb 182012

Maria seeks information;  people are worried there might be tuberculosis in the community.   See  http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=4401 2012-02-19  Tuberculosis. Request for info. Input for people in Guatemala. TUBERCULOSIS,  WHAT TREATMENT DID I USE? I had an active, but not-yet-contagious case of TB, six years ago (2005).  I did not use the drugs used to treat TB.  The following […]

Nov 192009

This email is about infectious disease (H1N1 example) and the pharmaceutical corporations. You can interchange the phrases: – “pharmaceutical corporations” – “nuclear/uranium corporations” – “the oil and gas corporations”, – “the arms manufacturers” (Lockheed Martin example at Dalhousie University) etc. They are all “on-campus”.  The lessons are the same, regardless of the industry.  This one […]

Apr 062009

NOTE 1:   In 2007 the news of the criminal charges against Pfizer (for murder, as far as I am concerned)  was not heard in western countries.  It was eclipsed by a same-day scare-story about tuberculosis,  see:  http://sandrafinley.ca/?p=4369 2007-06-01  Tuberculosis story improbable ??  Same day, Nigerian Government brings criminal charges against Pfizer. NOTE 2:  The book and movie, “The Constant […]

Jun 012007

If you know of a web-site that deals with the frauds of the pharmaceutical companies, please forward this to it.  When I read today’s story (G & M) about the tuberculosis scare it seems concocted. This TB superbug scare story comes on the same day as media coverage of  criminal charges against Pfizer brought by […]

Oct 282005

Water, Health, Sustainability Elements of this email required for community sustainability: water supply mechanism for getting problems / obstacles on the table and dealt with, “social ingenuity” manageable healthcare costs This is part of a submission to the College of Physicians and Surgeons. If I’ve made errors, PLEASE let me know. I don’t want to […]