Sep 022018

Kids starting back to school.   Time for vaccinations. I do not envy parents of youngsters, having to make a decision:  to vaccinate for HPV, or not vaccinate. I looked for current news re Gardasil (HPV). April 24, 2018  re Court Case:  EXCERPT: . . .    court case alleging blatant corruption. There has been […]

Mar 292018

Also regarding Hotez: 2018-03-03   How the anti-vaccine lobby is influencing the Texas state primaries, CBC Day 6. Worst “journalism” I’ve heard on CBC. 2017-05-11   Refusal to Vaccinate Should Be a Hanging Offense? from the Vaccine Reaction Published March 26, 2018 | Best in Video Click on: Many years ago when I was having a […]

Mar 172018
2018-03-15  Study: How to Understand and Help the Vaccine Doubters

With thanks to The Vaccine Reaction Steering pro-vaccine messaging away from values like care/harm and fairness and instead focusing on values of purity and liberty might “provide a potential mechanism for vaccine attitude formation and change.” A new article in Scientific America titled “How to Understand, and Help, the Vaccine Doubters” frames empathetic understanding of […]

Mar 132018
2018-03-13   Large initiative.  Kennedy delivers VACCINE SAFETY PROJECT to Congress

View this email in your browser Forward to friends! Note:  Click on the small text under the title of this posting,  Vaccinations (incl corruption of science & govt)  to generate a list of other postings in the same category. March 13, 2018 Congress Receives Vaccine Safety Project Details Including Actions Needed for Sound Science and […]

Mar 032018
2018-03-03  How the anti-vaccine lobby is influencing the Texas state primaries,  CBC Day 6.  Worst "journalism" I've heard on CBC.

Well, if you’d like a perfect example of “not journalism“, here it is.   CBC, Day 6.  The (guest) interviewer is Rachel Giese. The episode is dated Feb 28.   I heard it today,  Mar 3.  I assume it’s been aired twice. I used the on-line contact form (  to submit: I have never heard a worse […]

Feb 272018
2018-02-14  Related Epidemics? Teen Mental Health Crisis & Neurodevelopmental Disorders, World Mercury Project

With many thanks to Terry H.   And to the people at the World Mercury Project.  A good article. By the World Mercury Project Team URL It has never been easy to be an adolescent, but by the look of things, twenty-first century teenagers may be having a harder time than ever. One contributing factor—the […]

Feb 232018

Exemptions   MANY thanks to Angela B and Janet M for setting me straight.  What a disservice I’ve done, assuming that “mandatory vaccinations” means “mandatory by law”.   I learned that lesson before – – from StatsCan and the Census!  Sheesh!   I should have known.   It’s the Orwellian thing.  Words no longer mean what they mean: […]

Feb 222018

A father (and mother) from Wetaskwin, AB were very angry when their son was vaccinated for HPV without parental consent. Question re legislated mandatory vaccination schedules or the child cannot attend school (California, some other US states, Ontario, Alberta, add New Brunswick (?)): are parents still required to sign a parental consent form, or does […]