Apr 202017

I had heard about Bill C-87 in Ontario, but hoped it wasn’t! Forced injections (vaccinations) are not only an issue of HEALTH  (safety of the vaccines, the number, the age at injection, the ingredients, the combined effects) INFORMED CONSENT  (the information that should be provided is not) They are a HUMAN RIGHTS issue. – – […]

Apr 192017

BELOW:    The Comments on “2017-04-14 Vaccines, Powerful combo: technology + people + information”. They deserve a posting of their own. Why are you spreading this crap?   – –  see  #2.   DAVID EMAILED: Sent: April 14, 2017 2:47 PM To: Sandra Finley Subject: Re: Vaccines, Powerful combo: technology + people + information Thanks, will watch tonight. I […]

Apr 122017

NVIC’s Barbara Loe Fisher summarizes the history of broken vaccine injury compensation promises made to citizens by the U.S. Government and the need to repeal the liability shield given to vaccine-makers and providers. Learn more at www.NVIC.org (Sandra speaking): The Compensation Program  has paid out more than $3 billion dollars funded totally by American citizens […]

Apr 062017

Big Pharma is under serious attack, along with all the corruption they spawn. The corruption and rot in the Centre for Disease Control (CDC, Atlanta) and some other health agencies has been blown open, as documented in earlier postings. Citizens’ groups are stepping up to the plate.   March Against Monsanto is the most recent addition to the resistance […]

Mar 312017

https://worldmercuryproject.org/stream/ Robert F Kennedy Jr is, once again, Excellent – right on the mark. Compare with what’s written in mainstream media about this event, the launch of the $100K challenge.   What you see, in spades, is a  co-opted press.

Mar 312017

Patrick Gentempo and the others at Vaccines Revealed have launched an important initiative. AND,  they are proceeding in a SMART way.   I watched the March 29th  Live Q & A to the end.   I think the burning light of Vaccines Revealed will keep burning. Another round of free viewing of the 9 on-line episodes has been […]

Mar 162017

With many thanks to Jake from way down there in the USA! He draws this Canadian story to attention.  I hadn’t heard about it. The decision of the Board that heard the case against high school biology teacher, Timothy Sullivan —   UPDATE:   see  2017-06-12  Vaccinations:  Tim Sullivan, School Teacher disciplined  The story is spreading fast,  and well beyond Canadian […]