Oct 232018

  IF YOU HAVE TIME,  re  vaccinations and autism,  read (from below – the “OIG Petition“): The Request for the Inspector General USA to investigate the allegations of fraud & obstruction of justice.    It is well documented,  compelling. RELATED:     My letter in support of  an Investigation … I encourage you to do whatever you would […]

Oct 022018

Website,  http://childrenshealthdefense.org/ Video – – it’s  at the top, opposite the title “Children’s Health Defense”,  RFK Jr,  begins with “I can remember the days . . .” That’s the video to be shared! – – – – – – – From: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Sent: September 12, 2018 2:01 AM Dear World Mercury Project […]

Sep 022018

Kids starting back to school.   Time for vaccinations. I do not envy parents of youngsters, having to make a decision:  to vaccinate for HPV, or not vaccinate. I looked for current news re Gardasil (HPV). April 24, 2018  re Court Case:    https://worldmercuryproject.org/news/merck-accused-of-fraud-deceit-and-negligence-in-us-gardasil-case/  EXCERPT: . . .    court case alleging blatant corruption. There has been […]

Mar 292018

Also regarding Hotez: 2018-03-03   How the anti-vaccine lobby is influencing the Texas state primaries, CBC Day 6. Worst “journalism” I’ve heard on CBC. 2017-05-11   Refusal to Vaccinate Should Be a Hanging Offense? from the Vaccine Reaction Published March 26, 2018 | Best in Video Click on: http://www.thevaccinereaction.org/2018/03/baylors-doc-hotez-bullies-parents-of-vaccine-injured-children-barbara-loe-fisher/ Many years ago when I was having a […]

Mar 172018
2018-03-15  Study: How to Understand and Help the Vaccine Doubters

With thanks to The Vaccine Reaction Steering pro-vaccine messaging away from values like care/harm and fairness and instead focusing on values of purity and liberty might “provide a potential mechanism for vaccine attitude formation and change.” A new article in Scientific America titled “How to Understand, and Help, the Vaccine Doubters” frames empathetic understanding of […]

Mar 132018
2018-03-13   Large initiative.  Kennedy delivers VACCINE SAFETY PROJECT to Congress

View this email in your browser Forward to friends! Note:  Click on the small text under the title of this posting,  Vaccinations (incl corruption of science & govt)  to generate a list of other postings in the same category. March 13, 2018 Congress Receives Vaccine Safety Project Details Including Actions Needed for Sound Science and […]

Mar 032018
2018-03-03  How the anti-vaccine lobby is influencing the Texas state primaries,  CBC Day 6.  Worst "journalism" I've heard on CBC.

Well, if you’d like a perfect example of “not journalism“, here it is.   CBC, Day 6.  The (guest) interviewer is Rachel Giese. The episode is dated Feb 28.   I heard it today,  Mar 3.  I assume it’s been aired twice. I used the on-line contact form (http://www.cbc.ca/radio/day6/contact)  to submit: I have never heard a worse […]

Feb 272018
2018-02-14  Related Epidemics? Teen Mental Health Crisis & Neurodevelopmental Disorders, World Mercury Project

With many thanks to Terry H.   And to the people at the World Mercury Project.  A good article. By the World Mercury Project Team URL  worldmercuryproject.org/news/twin-epidemics-among-our-teens/?utm_source=mailchimp It has never been easy to be an adolescent, but by the look of things, twenty-first century teenagers may be having a harder time than ever. One contributing factor—the […]

Feb 232018

Exemptions   MANY thanks to Angela B and Janet M for setting me straight.  What a disservice I’ve done, assuming that “mandatory vaccinations” means “mandatory by law”.   I learned that lesson before – – from StatsCan and the Census!  Sheesh!   I should have known.   It’s the Orwellian thing.  Words no longer mean what they mean: […]