Aug 312019
2019-08-31  Wendell Berry on Caretaking, with thanks to Daily Good and to Orion Magazine

“DailyGood is a volunteer-run initiative that delivers “good news” to 245,044 subscribers.” Easy to sign up for their news feed; easy to unsubscribe.  When overloaded I unsubscribe for a spell.  I was grabbed by today’s . . . Wendell Berry on Caretaking “In 2018, Helena Norberg-Hodge sat down with Wendell Berry for a far-reaching discussion. […]

Mar 262019
2019-03-25   Fixing Cabinet Government is Something All Progressives Should Support in 2019 (well maybe we could go a bit deeper?)

The author  of “Fixing Cabinet Government. . .”  is  “an internationally recognized expert on public engagement and Open Government.”    His remedy:  “Canadians need a progressive model of cabinet government”. His prescription will leave us well short of fixing our problems with governance. Progress will be made if the causes of the dysfunction are addressed, […]

Mar 222019
2019-02-28  Wendy Holm: Connecting the dots—SNC-Lavalin, the Site C Dam, and continental water-sharing,

The proposed Site C Dam, southwest of Fort St. John on the Peace River in northwest B.C. Government of B.C. Back in the day, as school kids, we studied propaganda as the hateful tool of bad governments. We are today immersed in it. Venezuela is a tragic example: a blatantly staged coup to gain access […]

Feb 042019

CN Radio: Australian Ambassador Tony Kevin’s Plan to Free Julian Assange Consortium News Tony Kevin, a former Australian ambassador, defends Julian Assange & WikiLeaks & reveals a plan to get him safely from Ecuador’s London embassy back to Australia. He is interviewed by CN Editor Joe Lauria for Unity4J.

Jan 312019

Return to INDEX  Wikipedia has a map of BC, with the Regional District boundaries:   Union of B.C. Municipalities  Member List: Head office location (from Wikipedia)   Alberni-Clayoquot     Port Alberni 2.   Bulkley-Nechako    Burns Lake 3.   Capital     Victoria 4.   Cariboo  Williams Lake 5.   Central Coast Bella Coola 6.   Central Kootenay   Nelson 7.   Central Okanagan   Kelowna 8.   […]

Jan 132019
2019-01-07  Plastic recycling to hit oil producers, from Petroleum Economist

The rise of plastics recycling plants may stunt demand for oil Reaction against the environmentally damaging effect of plastic packaging is fuelling the development of plants in Europe and elsewhere that can recycle it as liquid feedstock or fuel in a trend that is likely to reduce refineries’ demand for oil. Many say the chemicals […]

Jan 042019
2004-11-18  Supreme Court of Canada decision, Haida Nation v. British Columbia, Terri-Lynn Williams, Haida Gwaii lawyer,  sucessfully argued aboriginal title/right, tree farm licenses.

Ref: Book “The Haida Gwaii Lesson; A Strategic Playbook for Indigenous Sovereignty”, by Mark Dowie, 2017.  Pages 110-116 are specifically related to the court case, Haida Nation v. British Columbia. The book itself is an eye-opener for Canadians. When time permits, I’ll try to post more about the book.  In the meantime,  here’s an introduction […]