Oct 262021
2021-10-21   I signed in support:  Mounties for Freedom,  Open Letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki "stand against forced coercive medical intervention & against the undue discrimination experienced by those exercising their lawful right to bodily autonomy."

Open Letter to RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki TO SIGN:     (Note:  The above link takes you off my blog.) go to the above link. scroll way down to the bottom of the Letter fill in the form.    TO RETURN TO MY BLOG   Use the back arrow at top left of the Open Letter page.) […]

Jun 052021

 Recommend:  Read this on the Tyee website, complete with the pictures. I want to keep it for the purpose of making an analogy to what’s happening in Canada today in several different arenas.  Same thing. A century ago, Dr. Peter Bryce demonstrated that residential schools were designed to kill. Canada’s government ignored him.  Andrew Nikiforuk 2021-06-05 […]

Feb 142021

Derek writes: This really bothers me….I see it as a slithery ploy by Trudeau and Freeland to finally allow bulk sale of fresh water to the States under some mumble mouthed phrase that will be interpreted by “an independent Tribunal of corporate CEOs”. If you have any way of supporting Sandra Finley please do.  (simply […]

Jan 242021

QUESTION:  Can Water issues be used to help understand the difference between terms like Revolution, Coup, Insurrection, Insurgents, Counter-Insurgency, Up-rising? these are political terms, they are not legal or technical terms, they are used and abused in the media and used interchangeably .  I don’t think the meanings/distinctions are clear. In some situations the term […]

Aug 232020

From: Sandra Finley To: thesundayedition  cbc.ca; Melanie Simms Subject: re Secrets about Salaries. Cultural taboos. Subversion. Dear Kevin Sylvester and Melanie Simms, (I was raised in small-c conservative rural farm culture; graduated from a College of Commerce a long time ago.  I did not intend to become an activist, a subversive as you name it.  An […]

Feb 202020

Two items relevant to the situation in northern BC with the RCMP and Wet’suwet’en. Sent to CBC radio, The Current,  in response to the Feb 20th programme. Correspondence with the RCMP when their anti-terrorist squad was deployed to Dawson Creek: 2008-11-09  Encana Dawson Creek: Reply from Supt Lloyde Plante, head of RCMP Anti-Terrorist Squad, BC.  Rule of […]

Feb 202020

NOTE:  I have not watched the video (link at bottom) – – am trusting that it’s a balanced presentation. I know the story well because I could not believe it happened in Canada.  It was an outrageous injustice to First Nations people.  The matter dragged out over 50 years during which an abundance of government […]